At times other pairs of cranial nerves are affected, especially the VII and occasionally a transient hemiplegia may occur. It may be used with benefit in instances where opium, from its constipating effects, or other disagreeable consequences, is inadmissible. The lungs were large, heavy and moist. Symptoms, when secondary causes only are considered, may be removed, for the time being, in many cases, by means which it would be the height of foliy to depend upon, or to employ, if the real, or first cause, was understood. It must be remembered, however, that the attainment of the college degree is becoming progressively more easy and that most of these men at the present would have gone through college. To my mind it is a fact that the leading clinicians of this generation do not compare favorably with their predecessors in this country, not to speak of a comparison with the leaders of clinical medicine in other countries. Starvation is a condition very rarely seen in this country except as a result of gastro-intestinal disease. Only those who, like myself, have lived in the period before such training schools were established can appreciate the vast improvement effected in a hospital by this change. On the way into the tunnel the conditions are reversed. If we are to sleep well, the"beauty sleep." Sleep begun at a reasonably early hour is more likely to be sufficient in amount and less likely to follow an over-active evening. Anatomy, aside from the error of overlecturing, is perhaps least at fault, for abundant material for dissection makes this course, if the material is properly utilized, an ideal subjects, histology and embryology, may, however, be criticized in that they are seldom taught in relation to one another or to gross anatomy, and practically never with a regard to the work in physiology and pathobgy which follows.

They are usually connected with disorder of the stomach and bowels, and occur almost exclusively in infants, and they seldom last longer than thirty-six hours. Pressure on the affected part iiiu gives relief: promo.

In an unpublished study I have shown that the bacillary phase of a certain diphtheroid was Gram-positive, but the diplococcus phase was Gram-negative.

The pyramids, in striking contrast to the cortex, code are of a deep red color. I remember quite vividly a little baby girl in our wards whom we studied without finding the cause of her fever.

Green is the livery of the fields. Disease is established, and sad toothache has soon to be endured. She also devoted much time to charitable work in Wilkinsburg and vicinity. Such appearances have very frequently been referred to inflammation, but they have probably been but little studied. There is no weakness, the muscles are strong, but they are in a constant state of tension.

Hereditary and family influences, however, play but a small part in the etiology, and in this it is in contrast review to progressive neural muscular atrophy and the dystrophies. A word may here he said upon discount the subject of muscular atrophy of cerebral origin.

Asthmatic, and for the treatment of the conditions he had been under calomel and tonics for a little less than two weeks.

As the disease advances, the patient begins to feel some pectoral oppression, tlfe cough becomes more troublesome, and the patient experiences, at times, transient pains in the chest. That type of brachycardia which changes into tachycardia under the influence of atropine is a typical instance of increased vagus tone. Syphilis can imitate any kind of skin disease, and it is not worth while even to try to recognize it.

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