The bowels and kidneys should be kept active by cathartics and simple diuretics. So that extension to the small intestine may occur in In some instances all the large bowel, from the rectum to the caecum, shows morbid changes of the same kind and in the same stage. Carefully weighed before and after each nursing for a period of seven weeks, beginning on the fourth day after birth. It is not likely that either Barnum or Dorsey had a reservoir of"Let us not blink matters, but speak the truth. Upon gentle palpation, the blood is felt surging through the vessels, which showed that a communication exists between the artery and vein. True myalgia of the abdominal muscles would be recognised by its being increased with movement of the body.

Thus, instead of being suspended in the interior of the bladder- worm, the head and neck come to project from its exterior, so that some writers now call the original sac the" caudal vesicle." This, however, has but a brief existence. If several lobules side by side beneath the pleura are consolidated, there may be impairment of resonance (or even dulness) on percussion, bronchial breathing and bronchophony, the latter being especially obvious when the patient, if a child, is crying.

Opinions differ as to the merits of the debate, but not as to the high plane on which it was conducted. Result of tuberculous disease (caries) ot the spm,-, but is occasionally a'"'al (. Sous-Cohen, of Philadelphia: This is a very obscure subject. On the first occasion he was accompanied by Sir Astley Cooper, and spent a considerable time in viewing the preparations contained in the New Museum; which, by the bye, we may remark, coupon bids f lir to excel the one Sir Astley has been robbed of. Ph Keating, David Thatcher, reviews B. Probably the notion of patients living on after having"entirely lost one lung," which is now so often applied to those who have phthisis, had its origin in autopsies made in cases of pleurisy of long standing. These experiments were subsequently published ("'Carotid Compression," Anson time in medical history that an attempt was made to confine a sedative substance in prolonged contact with nervous tissue for therapeutic purposes by arresting the circulation.

Senn's paper was, without exception, one of the ablest he had ever listened to. If the continuity of the iris is broken, stasis in the chorioidal vessels can never reach the degree with which acute glaucoma begins. Let us beware how we legit encourage them to persist in their mad designs by assurances that we are a divided forcement of the laws and the punishment of their crimes. The corpus callosum was softened website and of a pinkish color, especially at the genu and splenium, from gliomatous infiltration. In a similar manner spasms confined to the lower portion of the body and bilateral are to be considered of spinal origin, while general convulsions may be the resalt of general cerebral distnrbance or a single lesion, whose effects are general. And pitied men whose views of Christian duty Allowed indulgence in such foolishness. In cardiac fibrosis the obstruction is in the radicles of the coronary arteries.

Gauged by its usefulness and by the degree of intelligence and education which it demanded, it ought to command the highest regard on the part of the public, yet it could not be said that at present it occupied in the estimation of the community a place commensurate with the interests involved; it was still unable to make its voice heard above the clamor of ignorance, superstition, and charlatanry. The recent epidemic resembles in character the Tonquin cholera, introduced into Europe a few years ago by the French. In four of them the affection was the consequence of chronic peritonitis, by which more or less of the small intestine was bound down to some part of the abdominal wall, or by which its coils were made to adhere among themselves. From my experience with this case, I can not agree with our distinguished colleague in considering this to be a case of syphilis.

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