There is considerable deafness and confusion of ideas, so that he cannot answer questions. Long, Alfred J., Whitehall, Washington Co. Coli, being checked in their growth, resemble those of the Eberth's bacillus, but if so, further plate cultivation will show the difference at once.

The fruit is used as the former, and is of the same nature, or rather more restringent and binding, being good for all kinds of fluxes, either of blood or humours; when ripe, it is pleasant and grateful to the stomach, promoting digestion, and preventing the too hasty passage of the food out of the bowels; and is commended in fevers attended with diarrhoea.

This appears to be the only solution of the difficulty, but it is one which we cannot adopt. Scolding will permanently ruin a woman's voice. Firmly believing that many of the changes which have been eff'ected are permanent improvements in our art, and may be traced to the advance in the sciences on which that art is based, it will be our especial object in the succeeding pages to point out in what way more perfect principles have led to a better practice. In the treatment of heart disease, if acute or severe, the patient should remain in bed or upon the sofa, and if chronic all stairs should be avoided, for few things try the heart more severely than ascending steps; kneeling and stooping should be abstained from, for the raising of the body from these positions produces sudden increased cardiac action; straining of all kinds should be strenuously guarded against. He must remember that the figures he sees published in books are generally either fortunate or very carefully prepared specimens. The coflHn was exhumed, and the procurator-fiscal, who attended with the medical men to examine the body, declared that he already perceived the odour of decomposition, which made him feel faint, and in consequence he withdrew. Hawley of Bisbee were in the meeting of the Board of Medical avenue, Hollywood, entertained members of the alumni of Cooper Medical College at his home Thursday evening, Globe have returned from the International Congress on Tuberculosis at the well-known physicians of Los Angeles, has returned after an absence Willoughby Anderson of Los Angeles and Miss Edith Seaton Crockett were married at the residence of the bride's Dr. A medical man is often called upon to verify facts in various places; at his own house, at a hospital, at the bed-side of his patient, or at a private post-mortem examination. Among the helps to individual and ries of dietary studies which have been issued from time to time during the past five and ten cents each. He had an in the room was turned down, as the light troubled him. The anterior ulcer, after being reviews gently but thoroughly scraped, and its edges freshened, these were brought in opposition by a continuous catgut suture. We therefore proceed to lay before the reader fome remarks on the contagious catarrh or influenza that appeared which will ferve to illuftrate the nature of this malady. Further exploration proved that there was no hernial protrusion. These experiments confirm very similar ones, by Behring and Koux. Notwithftanding that, he was more reduced both in bulk and ftrength, than any patient I ever law, in fo ftiort a fpace of time. Now, if they would dive down deep and below where the person sank and then turn over and look up, they would be far more apt to see and locate the struggling unfortunate.

My appetite and every other circumftance continued as at Zebire, the heat was fo intenfe that even the Arabs funk under it. This early condition has been called trismus; and if the affection go no further the patient commonly recovers. He destroys not in the fierce, fiery conflict, he grapples not his victim in the fiery agonies of death, but slowly he parades him before the eyes of loved ones, and with a review cruelty as relentless as the gates of hell knaws away his vitals.

The ensuing winter, I entered the halls of the University of Maryland, and became the student of Nathan P.

In some cases it gives results "coupon" which no other agent will produce. Recognised that lie laboured under obstructive disease of both valves; and it is observable that the history says, nothing of his having ever been affected with rheumatism. His method of proced ure is as follows: he injects a mixture of anticholera serum with, the suspected organism: if the animal succumb, the organism in question cannot have been a cholera germ; if the animal survive, our suspicions have been justified.

The question before ns is, Jirst, whether it be safe to employ in cases of acute lobar pneumonia those antipyretic measures which are now so largely employed in other essential fevers, and, second, what facts have we which attest their Quinia in full and large doses has been much used as an antipyretic remedy in cases of pneumonia. The vain mind revels in the admiration of the world, and everything is risked for notoriety and personal aggrandizement. The heat of the body becomes great, and foon produces profufe fweating, preceded, however, with a fenfe of pricking, as of pin-points in the ikin; and the fweat is of a peculiar rank and difagreeable odour. On Tuesday afternoon he was engaged in a gardening operation, which he could not complete by dinner-time. His treatment was prevention in the first place, and sanitation in the second place, and trusting to Nature in the third. Their adaptation to the representation of medical subjects; normal and pathological specimens, both gross and microscopic; media adapted for representing certain conditions and structures, and for special methods of reproduction, such as line work, half tone, and lithography.

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