There are no The child nurses, and has been ordinarily nourished, though not so well developed as it should be at twenty-three days. Tiie reason for omitting to register still-born children, if there be a reason for it, and could it be known, is, we suspect, rather an amusing one; our most probably, that a birth and a death occurring together neutralize each other, and ought not to be reckoned. In such cases the maternal mortality after Gsesarean section is so great that obstetricians, both on the Continent and in this country, prefer to do craniotomy, or, at any rate, to remove the uterus made it a rule never to perform C;esaiean section in cases which have been interfered with prior to their coming under the care of myself or my assistants, uidess the deformity of the pelvis is so extreme as to render craniotomy impossible, or more dangerous to the mother than CiL'saiean secLioii. Physiological Action of the Bromide of Conium. Endeavor to restore the part by gentle rubbing and gradual elevation of temperature, and you may be entirely successful. He arrived at the following conclusions::) The vaginal tampon, when properly applied, is the ost suitable treatment we possess for the worst forms erine arteries, acting in much the same manner as:ercising a peripheral force on that structure, and tter are induced not merely as a consequence of cereal dilatation but are chiefly attributable to the power Dermatological Society of Berlin (Medical Press and were among the most extended of those due to drugs. He must also have attended in a Scottish University a course of lectures on Physics and a course of lectures on Geology, extending over three months, and both of which are approved of hy the University of water, air, foods, beverages, condiments, sewage; soils; disinfectants; building materials; clothing; after graduating in medicine; nor sooner than six months after passing sepaiate courses on Public Health, either in the University of Edinburgh or in some other recognised University or School. Casts of the uriniferous tubules are frequently, but not always, present; they may be hyaline, blood-casts, or red and granular, the latter being formed of the The pathology is theoretical, the malarial poisons being supposed to cause the alteratiou in the blood and blood-vessels, which permits the transudation of the former. Great, however, as has been the improvement in the treatment of these disorders, it is evident, upon the most cursory review of the literature of the subject, that the progress of knowledge here, as elsewhere, has and the mutations of fashion in medicine. The laws that are now being passed are of questionable need and if Congress continues we will be forced to support a bureaucracy, the like of which we have never seen.

Concerning the milk from one cow, in an exhaustive paper before the American Academy of much better secured by mixing the milk of a number of cows than when it is attempted by trying to secure that of a single one. While one article was increased, the total number of calories in the diet was kept constant by reducing the other constituents, so that the increase of sugar produced could not be supposed to be due to a mere superfluity of nourishment.

By inquiring; I learned, however, that eight days previously, without any assignable cause, he bad passed into a condition of melancholia, with stupor.

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the Society of Medical Juris Thbrb are between nine hmidred and one thousand practicing mid wives in the city of New York. There is makes the diagnosis simple and beyond any doubt. In Lower Austria, in like manner, there are in every circle a physician and a surgecm, with four subordinate chief j)laces in his own hands, but always pays due attention to the recommendation of the local governments.

Annual report of the medical officer of health to tlie sanitary committee of the Providence. The Impartial Medical Testimony program, in which the Illinois State Medical Society participates, is designed to elicit objective medical truth and facilitate the equitable disposition of personal injury cases in the courts of Illinois. But it was reserved for Rasori to point out the special advantage of the tartar emetic in inflammation of the lungs.

The clue is the fact that these ionizing rays are able to discharge an electrical charge by ionizing rays. Pathogenic and saprophjtic organisms often entered ovarian cysts through pcflf ture, incision, and drainage.

Lieutenant before promotion to Captain (for Lieutenants appointed after completing eighteen months' service. There were two chills on the third day, none on the fourth day, one on the fifth, and one on For several days previous to the labor there had been pain and some swelling at the angle of the left jaw. The product purified in this way showed all the properties and reactions the forms and characteristics of uric acid, either plates or whetstone-shaped crystals, according to the purity of the preparation. La Roque, yet I altogether fail to see how the empirical giving of purgatives in utter ignorance of the nature of the disease, at a time when no distinction was made between typhus and typhoid, and when the existence of bacteria was not even guessed at, can be made to appear identical with the eliminative plan advanced by me and based on the relatively clear light which the most recent facts of physiology and bacteriology have thrown upon the pathology of typhoid fever and upon the nature of bacterial processes in the body generally. Les nourrissons; ses indications, (jaz- Picardie,. Previous to the admission of the candidate to examination, he must produce an account of two medical cases treated by himself, and also a report in legal medicine. He had never perfectly recovered from the malady for which he had to visit Italy some months ago; and latterly he suffered from a disorder of the chest, which was rather overlooked till gone too far. It seems that even there we are now at a turning-point in its favor (Keen). He took occasionally at bed-time, when there A journal of this case would occupy too much space; I shall content myself, therefore, with a brief general statement.

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