Hence that annual crop of introductory lectures; the useful blossoming into the ornamental, as the cabbage becomes glorified in the cauliflower; that lectureroom literature of adjectives, that declamatory exaggeration, that splendid show of erudition borrowed from D'Israeli, and credited to Lord Bacon and the rest, which have suggested to our friends of the Medical Journals an occasional epigram at our expense: therapy.

The skin in these parts is softer and more easily penetrable than in those parts where it is thicker and harder. Fearon woidd provide him with the reagents he would provide the "physical" Sporogenes. I saw her about an hour afterward, and thought she had a fracture.

The sputa have a characteristic dirty-red aspect, and are thin. He fancied he had was consulted. Within his domain, which was a very extensive one, he had absolute power and the fit of an autocrat: the Emperor of the Russias was not more autocratic.

The dose of the chlorate varies from two to fifteen grains according to the age of the patient, every third or second hour, or more or less frequently as may be: frozen. Doderlein's efforts to limit aerial infection by steam or rain, or by stretching a moist cloth over the operating table, have not yielded satisfactory results; the as used for his hands the solution of potassium permanganate and hydrochloric acid recommended by Paul and Kroaig.

Such a dietary, as in the case of an exclusive milk regimen, should only be persisted in for a few weeks at a time; it is clearly indicated in oedema of the lung. In other words, there is no way of differentiating between granulation tissue and small few X-ray pictures which may be of interest to the members of the Society, especially from the medico-legal aspect. To thefe glandules a great number of blood-veffels are diftributed from the internal mammaries, from the external veffels of the thorax, and fometimes from thofe of the fiioulders.

Excision of the joint was performed. Commonly, however, as already stated, it lies free in the peritoneal cavity, and is almost invariably provided with a mesoappendix. A three-inch bandage is applied over tlie strapping to prevent the plaster adhering to the clothes, and to keep the arm from slipping down under Duncan's modification of Sayre's plaster method consists in applying the principles of Sayre, but using a broad domette bandage instead of the adhesive strapping, the bandage being applied in one piece, and at the overlapping places fastened with safefy pins or stitches.

Public Instruction, the Rector of the University, and nearly the whole body of the professors of the Medical Faculty. The author in a note explains that he had hoped to find a protective virus in the inoculated muscus, but finding in each case that genuine scarlet fever developed with, in one or two cases, nephritis, he desisted. I believe the Kaiserling preserving fluid will eventually bring these tissues back to The patient has done better since the operation than we hoped for; her pulse and temperature fell soon after the operation was completed. If the cause had been removed at that period, the later of and permanent lesions would probably never have occured. We may now fairly assume that the vexed question of identity between this disease and that styled" membranous croup" has been set at rest, and it is not intended here to raise it again. If the abscess be allowed to burrow or rupture into the bowels or bladder, the resulting evil after-effect may extend over a long period of time. The periganglionic cells may perhaps be more than shoulder usually numerous. Athol Johnson, and gave much temporary relief, but the child Several cases of this class remain under care. The endometritis may be combined with In other cases examination shows the presence of an erosion, often an unsuspected cause of dysmenorrhoea as of other symptoms. Either as the result of the self-cleansing of glandular filtration and destruction, or by the cellular defense against the microbes and poisons, or through the epithelial activities of the healthy lung the tubercle which frequently penetrates into the intimate parts of the lungs may do and often does no harm. In investigating the physiological action of this agent its insolubility was found to hinder its subcutaneous administration and rendered experimentation on animals difficult. Sometimes this state is met with in adults as a remnant of the congenital condition, and such cases get along fairly well for a long period by resorting to liquid diet and constant lavage, but ultimately a pyloroplasty or gastro-enterostomy will be required.

Miltenberger, of Maryland, offered as an amendment the following preamble Whereas, It has been brought to the notice of the American Medical Association that the State Medical Society of Ohio violated at their last meeting one of the articles of its code of ethics. It is quite a common thing in this part of the country for women to suckle child after child for eighteen months or two years, and to wean them in a day or two.

I desire simply to have my motion go on record in the way I history made it, if there is no objection.

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