The blackish colour of the organs, particularly of the nervous centres had been described by the authors who had studied pernicious fevers, particularly by Maillot andBailly; but they attributed this colour to congestion connected with the condition existing during the paroxysm. A reward, increasing in proportion to the number of ewes and lambs arise principally from cold. As to the wherefore of these phenomena no one can fully say, although theories will shortly be presented for your consideration. Only sick cattle are capable of infecting ticks; ticks off other animals do not transmit the disease; hence, it is not essential to have all ticks killed, provided the disease has once disappeared.

Like Boas, we introduce the tube two hours before breakfast and have the patient express the gastric contents without using any lavage. Emphasis was laid upon the need of better Ctiristian ministers and better homes. Winternitz, Strasser, Buxbaum, and Kisch, it suffices to say that it has been done by Dr ( One case of goggles may be accidental; but if two or three are seized with inflammation of the brain, the farmer may be assured that there is something wrong in his system of management, and that which, in the majority of cases, is the root of the evil, is too rich pasture, probably succeeding to spare feed. Blumenthal also states that oxyproteic acids are increased even in very early cancer, and independently of the size of the tumor and degree The total output of urinary solids is found to be greatly deficient both in patients with the very early beginning of the disease and during its entire course, unless influenced otherwise by medical care. This, then, is one of the reasons why a bottle fed infant is more prone to bacterial infections than a breast fed infant. Abstracted and adapted from the sixth German edition of Kraepelin's" Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie," by"The motive for this work is to make the teachings of Kraepelin in psychiatry accessible to American medical a full, concise textbook," the translator remarks in the preface. The writer's first step, in view of the various indefinite statements as to the etiology, was to refer him to the laboratory where luetin and Wassermann tests were done, the first being inconclusive, but the latter a double plus. Angle, or promontory of the sacrum, formed by the axes of the sacrum and the lumbar spine. , Mercury is an universal stimulant, and increases the and gene- action of all the secretories at one and the same time; tbe salivary glands, and even the bladder; though it displays itself chiefly by its action on the salivary glands. In Professor Sisson's article in the July and August issues of the American Veterinary Review, entitled Some Mechanical Factors In Digestion, he states that conflicting views have been expressed in connection with the effect of watering on the stomach contents, some claiming that the food will be washed out of the stomach," hence the golden rule of experience that horses should be watered first and fed afterwards." Again the results of other observers that he quotes, was to the effect that when the stomach was filled the contents were only superficially penetrated by the water which passed over it into the small intestines and on to the caecum, but in the stomach only partly filled the contents were saturated with the water. Brancard articule pour le transport des blesses dans les tranchees et les Bate (A. Presse med., dans le traitement des plaies de guerre. She stopped eating and continued to be restless for a number of hours.

Cassava starch, amylum manihot; a starch from the root of Jatropha manikol and other species of J., plants of tropical America.

It may also persist during sleep, whereas tic in almost all cases ceases during sleep.

It is quite possible that in Case II, removing the infected hand had more to do with the recovery than anything that was done in the way of emphasize the greater value of prophylactic measures, as It is highly probable that if in Case I the patient had been willing to have the crushed limb removed at once, tetanus would not have developed and her life might The various methods of constitutional treatment may be divided into two classes, which may be designated as symptomatic, and specific or antitoxic. It may be from contamination with the excreta of animals grazing on the gathering areas, and is by no means necessarily from sewage or other material containing specific organisms of infection. The animals withstood the injections very well. The skin continues to present a dull white appearance throughout the entire surface of the limb: it is only at the last, when the affection is near its inevitably fatal issue, that we see the toes, and then the instep take on a diffuse bluish color, the temperature of these parts being then decidedly reduced. An to healing, there may be some corrosion and sloughing, during which erosions develop into deep and extensive ulcers. On opening the jejunum and ilium, no traces of recent inflammation could be discovered, hut the effects of the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the intestines during her first confinement were very palpable. On auscultation, moist rales were heard: then, a blowing sound and pectoriloquy were detected in the upper and posterior part of the chest: at a later periodj in the lower part of the chest, a bellows sound and egophony were heard.

Having by inbreeding, established cancer-bearing strains, one must hybridize both the individuals that show cancer, and those that die from other causes without showing cancer. An animal affected in this manner, acts sore and moves with a short, stiff, stilty gait.

The largest fatal dose is not recorded; the smallest was one hundred and fifty drops of Fowler's mineral solution; but this was a very un propitious subject. There is in this case high inflammatory action, great heat, swelling and pulsation; the vessels arc supplied with a superabundance of living power (the excitability of the Brunonians,) and are in consequence excited beyond their strength; they are hence worn out by tlie impetuosity of the toil, lose their tone, and become torpid and insensible from the vehemence of their own The SECOND VARIETY may be illustrated by the morti- Exempiifification w hich so frequently takes place in the extremities the second of persons already exhausted by hard labour, intempe- variety. White swelling of the knee-joint.

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