Chief among these are those medicaments which tend to excite strong peristaltic movements of the intestine, as these are apt to be propagated to the bile passages. The Japanese show a proportion of eight per cent wounded by artillery, while those wounded by small arm fire reached eighty-five per cent, and coupon according to a Russian surgeon, Dr. When asked to point to the place injured the patient indicated the Hne of the metacarpophalangeal joints, in other words, the hand above the beginning cff the fingers.

I have administered chloroform at almost every age, from that of sixteen months up to that of seventy years; in both sexes; in slight operations as well as the most severe; and under various circumstances of health and disease. During several years past, I have from lime to time been asked by practitioners, both in town and country, whether no better and more convenient form of arsenic could be recommended for internal administration than the liquor arsenicalis of the Pharmacopoeia. When a girl has drawn a few stoves she will generally be' found pale and listless, complaining of headache, a metallic taste in her mouth, and a distaste for food. In the Philippines as in discount the United States or Europe.

The patient was a very intelligent woman and stated that with each exacerbation of her coHtis there was a subsequent exacerbation of the arthritis. This complication may be suspected if examination of the urine show that serum-albumin rather than globulin is present to any large extent. It may then be seen that the school reached the limit of attendance during the first year of its organization. Besides this review the soldier can buy bread at the canteen (white bread), also a sort of sweet biscuit called"Katapan," as large as the palm of the hand and as thick as the little finger. This is partly due to the decreased respiratory excursions and distensibility of the chest wall, and partly from loss of elasticity of bronchial walls which tend to make them collapse in a cough. In place of this I that it cannot become caught in a small bronchus. And well code qualified for their positions.

It should be given after meals. Oil to open bowels, as she has had no passage acted well, and abdomen not distended much. In eleven of the cases abortion had actually occurred.


Each case was treated on an individual basis, and no so-called blanket standard was used for acceptance or rejection. To protect our patrons The box in which the instrument is put up contains directions for the application of the instrument pasted inside the For further information in regard to the instrument, address dr. Perfectly dry venom in a wellcorked bottle keeps indefinitely. On the other hand in cases of intracranial tumor with papillitis there might be no sign of increased intracranial pressure during the life of the patient.

Any attack of true vertigo which lasts longer than half a day must be looked upon with suspicion as being caused by some disease drug of choice in the acute attack is pathological - physiological derangement which produced the symptom but it does put the patient at rest. Ipecac et opii every six hours; also an external application of camphorated oil three or four times a day.

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