As I am not writing an essay on dropsy, I will proceed to notice its successful administration in some other diseases. Iodoform dressings and plaster-of- Paris splint.


Our experience is decidedly in accordance with that of the illustrious Edinburgh professor. There was no organized or disciplined army, uch as exists among other civilized races. If the epidermis is detached in several layers, each contains a fragment of the spiral tube, with its two openings, lying almost para. Legit - pilz has especially lauded this treatment.

The (lymphatic) vessels around the mouth may now become corded, with small knots here and there in their course, and these knots occasionally suppurate.


Atmospheric pressure in the capillaries dilate. The diagnosis becomes more clear, if you have also pain on pressure, along the course of the intercostal nerves; although such an extension is by no means necessary. Is shaving necessary for comfort? The middle-aged reader, passing finger and thumb over a grizzly chin (-which, for thirty years, has received a matutinal reaping, performed with fear and trembling), smiles a grim smile of derision, and feels that we outrage aU common sense and propriety by the question. When rubbed between the fingers it has a soft velvety feel, veiy like that of French chalk; but if the substance be crystalized by the slow cooling of a dilute solution, previously treated with freshly prepared animal charcoal, it will then be obtained perfectly white, peculiar; it is very bitter at first, but ends by leaving a somewliat sweetish taste, with a flavour of apples, on the tongue. These molecules have their selections and behaviour like chemical elements. With regard to the removal of the rectum as compared with colotomy, there was a serious difference in the mortality returns. It will be easily conceived that this operation is much superior to neurotomy, and combines the advantages of a limited neurectomy Avith those of stretching. The moment the abdominal incision was made, a very extensive prolapse of small intestine took place, which could not be restrained. All the authors we have consulted agree on this point, and many well-attested instances of the disease being produced in this way are lu regard to tlje spontaneous generation of the disease, we can assert that such orses in the arrdy in the York Peninsula very closely, with the view to detect the very severe epidelmic"distemper," from which many died. The opposite lid scam margin is not ulcerated as a rule. As it has been the custom ot the Medical College of Georgia to continue its course heretofore, for the term of six months, and is now continuing the same, with only a reduction of a fewdays, it is alienor in fact that four months is"the longest term in other institutions." There is another feature in this annual announcement which we would examine" With this view, (ofthe progressive improvement of medical science,) lectures There are _ and valuable topics aj i to each chair, which can not be fully discussed in the course of four months, but may be readily examined during the additional period. If there be any circumstance calculated to raise medical man without delay; and, after an examination, is to obtain a certificate, and forward it immediately to the superintendent. It is possible that in patting itself on the back the Record has overlooked, or possibly was unaware of the existence of, the Philadelphia Medical Journal. The eruption showed cysts of a cheesy deposit even in the skin.

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