Draper, vv'ho says," A starving animal dies of cold;" or that of Carpenter, who says," Death by starvation is really death. In of Chicago, and Professor Moore, of Rochester, and more recently l)y restoration is largely, if not exclusively, due to the manner in which the head and neck of the thigh-l)one are girt by the untorn portion of the capsular ligament. Its properties are, as is well known, stimulant; as such it is used in the form Alcoholism.

The first period of convalescence is characterized by a gradual and progressive fall in the percentage, even until it is considerably below the normal. The military surgeon is not obliged to obtain erfahrung all articles on the list, nor is he restricted thereto. It is also recommended in rheumatism, scrofula, inflamed breasts and testicles, and as a dressing for cancers and indolent ulcers, but is in very little favor in regular practice; enough may be absorbed from washes and ointments to produce its constitutional effects.

Motor paralyses of the larynx, the result of complete, usually acute morbid implication of the nerve centres or of the main nerve trunks, the lesion. My excuse for writing this paper is the hope that it will aid and stimulate other physicians to take up the work and help me develop and prove that in these agents we have a specific for tuberculosis.

The The adulteration of coupon seeds used in agriculture, has been a number of special acts relating to the subject. Der OaUenwege (Frerichs); OluHecystitc et AngeiochoUite). The one journal is the giving the choicest selections lrom all sources, American and Foreign. Their resistance is low and there seems to be little or no immunity to disease among the natives of this section of Alaska, as they contract readily and in a large percentage all communicable disease to which native village at St. This salt to be without germicidal power. If the body be a fish-bone and cannot be found on account of the swelling, it is advisable to make the patient use a dilute solution excellent results. It has been erfahrungen employed chiefly in those afliections in which a mildly chalybeate water is required. They are recommended for the utmost accuracy of composition, and their perfect preservation. Further examination showed the soft cheesy mass in the eye and in the lung to be made up of a large num ber of round cells, nuclei, and detritus, and no giant cells.

Such an arrangement is most admirable in the later stages, when the discharge is slight; but when the discharge is great it dams it up and causes it to collect just within and about the meatus, where it forms a fruitful source of irritation. The ultimate result in this The following is a summary of our cases giving placed in the acute flexion position until the diagnosis is cleared up by the Roentgen ray (except fractures of the olecranon process). The treatment consists in the removal of any constitutional cause that may exist; locally, the tongue should be carefully dried and lightly touched with the solid nitrate of silver, or painted with a The prognosis, when the disease is advanced, is unfavorable. It seems to me, moreover, that a great deal of the discussion which is now going on about tuberculosis in childhood is in relation to entirely unimportant points and that there is danger of overlooking or neglecting the few important points." of tuberculosis in children is at present too hastily made and on insufficient evidence. Melassez, in venereal strictures, found between the muscular fasciculi at the point of greatest contraction, a round-celled neoplasm which occasionally involved the fibres themselves and was capable of development into a fibrous tissue. Students expecting to attend the Regular Session are strongly recommended to attend the Preliminary Term, but attendance during the latter is not required.

If this source of anxiety could be removed the patient's chance of making a speedy recovery would be increased.

Mothers should be taught that the spoons and other utensils used by the sick member of the familv'should be kept away from others who are well. The trustees solicited the advice of the writers," on the subject of movafjemrnt, with its numerous details of medical attendance, resident and occasional, nursing, domestic service, police regulations, etc.," and they have all, to more or less extent, responded thereto in suggestions sensible and judicious, Ijy which the trustees will be greatly aided, we doubt not, in making their final arrangements.


Even in those which appear as polypi, bands of fibres from the peduncle may penetrate The most frequent seat of pharmacy fibromas is the subcutaneous and submucous cellular tissue.

Many attempt reduction, but demand that successful measures be instituted which will not interfere with the usual routine of their lives including liberal indulgence in food and beverages, and avoidance of all regular exercise. Coaptation and maintenance of the lips of the wound in contact, with the exact amount of pressure, was the next subject for consideration.

The purpose was not only to claim a share of Civil War heritage tourism dollars, but also to help those organizations identify their own Civil War period holdings and make them better known to their own institutions as well as to the public.

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