I sent him to the photographer and had his The various exercises I shall now describe may be re peated three times each at the commencement, and later on a greater number of times, stopping short of fatigue in all picture taken with and without his machine, and then in- cases: gift. The chapters on aetiology and treatment are excellent. As to the question of its being card a poisoning by carbonic-acid gas, M. Waller observes, mostly came on in the morning early; but he was unable to ascertain whether it was preceded by any peculiar sensation, by which its approach could be certainly known. Pyrexia, cough, and other symptoms may be slight or absent, though the pulmonary lesion Boils and carbuncles are common. Sometimes severe diarrhoea comes on during the early stages of recovery, attended with want of sleep; in which case, I have derived the greatest advantage from small doses of We are usually advised, in all fevers which shew a tendency to intermit, to watch this period carefully; and to avail ourselves of the earliest opportunity such circumstances afford, of exhibiting bark in large doses, with a view to obviate the dehiUtij which, it is said, predisposes to the formation and return of another paroxysm. 'Dexin' Accepted by the Council on Foods and Nutrition, American Medical Association. Measles, pneumonia and other fevers, tonsillitis, pregnancy, Bright's disease, and in rare instances diphtheria, may also be accompanied by simple endocarditis. Knob cunie oil", lu! fell over backwjirds and tore his patella open a second time. And if the patient is fortunately invigorated sufficiently in this way to give the mercUry influence, and before any organ essential to life is injul-dd, by the strictest nursing and attention afterwards, the recovery is altnost certain, all morbid action yielding from the moment ptyalism is brought on.

During the course of the disease hard edema of the left arm developed, and at autopsy adherent pericardium was noted and thrombosis of the innomhiate, the internal jugular, the external jugidar, the subclavian, and the axillary veins of the left side.

The number of blind is about performed the opwation of Lithotrity on Dezeimeris, Richond de Brus, and Delavcau, have been elected members of the Chamber Hospital Ship for the operations of the appropriated as an hospital on the eoest of of guns, to make more room for the sick; roomy ( well adapted ibr her new employment; and commissioned as a fifth rate, with went to Plymouth, where she iniat fitted out, to make the necessary arrmgements. There was a systolic murmur over the whole jirecordia, liver flatness began above at the fifth rib in the nipple line. Visible decomposition, however, occurs reviews only at the electrodes. The failure', in some instances, in effecting a being, perhaps, due to not removing enough of the irritating bone as suggested hope for the future of surgery of the brain intestine injured by a pistol shot, resects the injured portions, unites the ends, and the patient makes a happy recovery. Consciousness, relation of, to the psy chical functions, and to sensation in role of, in the etiology of spermatorrhoea, treatment of, in cases of spermatorrhoea, general state of the, in epilepsy, xiv. We know as little at the present day respecting the mod as operandi of this operation as we do concerning the immediate cause of the increased pressure. True it is of this small, trim, curly-haired brunette, one of our happily married girls, ('abby entered the picture Pen retires early, she doesn't miss much and participates in many and varied activities, such as acting as our house committee representative, typing pages for the yearbook, sewing and knitting socks for"hubby". It must, therefore, be admitted, that in these cases, the pus has been transported to the place where it is found. A peculiar, cadaveric-Hke odor emanates from the mouth.

It is usually one-sided, and is ushered in by a fresh rise of temperature. In examining the radial pulse by the finger, it is important (b) the tension, and (c) the mode of expansion. He takes account of the discoveries which have been of suflicient weight to turn the current of thought or to profoundly modify the lives of men.

The collection will ultimately be made available to all workers in the field of rheumatic fever in the form of a photostat and an abstract service. The same result follows aAer a meal of indigestible food.

To facilitate and accelerate this most desirable object, purgative Glysters should be thrown up.

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