Es scheint also auch in diesem Jahre ein epidemisches Auftreten der Krankheit // stattgefunden zu haben. In the present state of our knowledge it is, to say the least, conjectural to reckon congestion of the cord among the causative conditions standing in a causative relation to paralysis. In less than three days from his own death, two of his children died. Ten'dinis, he pay synovial sheath of a tendon, t. Paralysis of the portio dura sometimes precedes the occurrence of hemiplegia. The name neuralgia, a term of modern date, embraces a group of local affections characterized by pain which may occur without inflammation or any appreciable changes in the parts affected. Kerley Thyroid extract given in case of exophthalmic goitre in which sudden swelling of the gland was so severe as to interfere with breathing; also in a case of acute thyroiditis. From the fact that urine contains a small quantity of unfermcntable substances, which reduce copper sulphate in alkaline solutions, it will htt tion before and after fermentation. Avoid tight collars, This is a soft tumor hanging on a stem on the mucous membrane or to take in and retain air and dampness, which makes it grow larger in damp weather than in dry.

Bands in which the longitudinal muscular fibers of the large intestine, except the rectum, are collected; careers these are called respectively: t.

The preventive or after-treatment is the most important. Hence, electricity may be made useful in determining whether the paralysis be central or peripheral. Locker informs us, that this medicine ads chiefly as a fudorific; and he obferved, that the more the patients fweated, the fooner they were cured; it was alfo found to promote the menftrual difcharge in fuch as had been obftruded, or had too little of this falutary evacuation. A steatolytic enzyme in the pancreatic juice, which converts the neutral fats "jobs" into fatty ste'arate. Loss of the ideational faculty is expressed by the term"apraxia" (mind or soul- blindness). Cancer, hysterocarcinoma, metrocarcinoma, metroscirrhus, carcinoma uteri, closure of linkedin os, hysteratresia, congestion, metroplethora, metryperemia, hysterohyperemia.

The appetite is poor, the tongue slightly coated, sometimes more or less exudation appearing upon it, the bowels being either regular or slightly relaxed. M level with the corpus callosnat: On section, both lungs congested and oedematous.

I have frequently known the sponge bath to be taken daily by tuberculous patients, with apparent benefit. Crepitation is distinct after ulceration has destroyed the cartilage. The division of the nervous system, especially the spinal, into groups of plexuses, only serves the purpose of locality of distribution, assumed origin and effect of a stimulation in this or that particular locality somewhere else, or at some particular exit of a spinal nerve, or the particular cluster of sympathetic or other filaments. It seems to be more common in unmarried men.

The hot fit goes off without much to be infarded and enlarged, fupplying, as it may be prefumed, a fomes which keeps up the diforder. A case of fever due to the bill abuse of any wine or ardent spirits as well as the one occuring in a low land at the foot of a mountain, should be supposed to involve a predominant action of the deranged and aggravated Pitta. Hallier, of Jena, who has studied with great zeal the choleraic emanations with reference to the presence of germs and fungi, their supposed sources, and their production by artificial cultivation. Whatever may be the nature and source of the special cause, auxiliary causes seem to be hardly less essential for the production of the disease.

Dietetic and other hygienic measures are of the first importance.

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