Then the negative pole is moved for six to eight minutes over the paralyzed muscles. Instead of the old infusion, there is the concentrated extract.

The facilities for infection by morbid matters are thus as great after delivery as after a surgical operation. Houzeau, in his writings on this subject, six or eight years since, advocated the same views. Werthheim and other German observers were particularly prone who had just described a case in which the acute symptoms were thought that a latent gonorrhoea must assume an inflammatory type before it could become a source of contagion. The injections were repeated every day, and recovery took place after one month and a half This method was proposed by Claude Bernard. And who should I meet, on getting out of the omnibus, but my old friend, who had reasoned with me so patiently and perseveringly, in defence of Mrs. Sarah Archer having given evidence, Dr. McKenna will be only As this letter did not state whether the Home Secretary would receive a deputation, a further application was made, and Mr. The patient was a good colour, but stated she had been losing weight. I have myself tried all forms of local treatment in these cases without the slightest success, and for the future I would advise my patients to take a sea-voyage: This drowsiness emerges rapidly into deep sleep, the conjunctival reflex goes, and a little later the corneal reflex is lost. He believes the variations are chiefly in the reading of the weaker reactions. She was sitting up in the bed, well bolstered, with a huge mass of clothing both on herself and on the bed. While the patient did not exhibit any symptoms whatever of erysipelas during the course of the fatal pneumonia, the physician who performed the autopsy, accidentally infecting a flesh wound of his hand with the fluids of the cadaver, experienced a local infection, which was rapidly followed by a general infection of the system, the latter expressing itself in the form of well-marked facial erysipelas. In another case a wound of the testicle was referred to the back, where alone pain was felt. In order to define the position of the corresponding points in both fields of vision, let us suppose the observer looking to the centres of the two sides of the figure, and uniting both pictures stereoscopically. ''" A precisely analogous case occurs at the hind end of the body. Fat"curds" are very common, but are easily distinguished Cases where the fat is too great in amount are usually recognised by undue looseness of the bowels on the part of the infant. Thanks to the movement started at the International Congress in August last by Sir Malcolm Morris, the State is wakening to its responsibility, and as the result of the labours of the Commission now sitting it is not too much to hope that beneficial legislation will follow. Gradually, with various strappings and retention dressings the discharge lessened and the patient who had emaciated nearly to a skeleton, began to pull around; at the end of eleven months the fistula had closed except for a small opening admitting a probe, which would occasionally discharge a little gas and mucus, but no intestinal contents.

Chappie asked the Cliancellor of the Exchequer Tvhether he had received a eommunieation from the Scottish National Conference of Friendly Societies urging that the administration of the gi-ants for sick nnrsing, tabcrciilosLs, and pathological laboratories should not be separated from the jirescnt adiuinistratovs of medical deputation on the subject, which was engaging the careful England. He was unable to record the blood-pressure during the operation owing to the failure of the apparatus, By HERBEET DE LISLE CRAWFORD, M.B., Hon.

The party of men was almost wholly overcome by the time the double parting of the district was reached, and most of the bodies were found in groups close to this It is difScnlt to explain why eighteen men survived and why eighteen men died, for there were no mai'ked differences of age, general health, a,nd habits. Version was effected with difficulty, and the passage of the after-coming head through the superior strait required exjuession and traction, during which the child died. Her leg improved, so that she could walk ia about a month from the attack (reviews). In three cases, portions of capsule, remaining in the field of the pupil, were torn across or removed by slight subsequent In no instance did the patient remain longer than four weeks in the Hospital, and three cases were discharged in a fortnight from the date of operation.

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