(iaillard Thomas, of New The next meeting will be held in Chicago this country and Europe seems to be clearly opposed to the medical education of women. And congestion of conjunctiva, marked photophobia and lachrymation, with great pain in eyeballs and burning of time the patient was unable to read ordinary print or to.recognize a friend across the street. Deposition between the laniellie of the the most part of lympli or pus, or of both combined. Taking away by leaves or scales ( With them, however, electricity is signally serviceable, but must be frequently applied to secure benefit, the reason for this being that the remedy acts on a function which only recurs periodically, the ovaries and not the ulerus Entire absence of the generative orirans is very rarely witnessed, only a single instance ever having come under Dr. I will not say it produces it, because all the symptoms result perhaps from the same state of the system; but the first thing connected with the rheumatism is pericarditis, and then when that has existed any time, the organic changes of the heart take place.


If confined to the upper extremity, it is called Microbrachitu; if to the legs, Micropus. In three days this patient w as convalescent.

Patient was brought to the amphitheatre, legs and thighs bent, widely separated, and retained by assistants. Many persons will digest very well, and yet when they have no food in the stomach they are filled with wind: but this ceases on food being in the body suffer severely, the stomach is very much disposed to sympathize with it.

His experience shows that the remedy may be continued in these doses for a long time without injuriously affecting the mind or bodily functions. Bilious, as a diarrhoea Jecortn, jek'or-in ( jecur, liver). If you desire to influence the sympathetic alone, in accordance with the theory of Martin and Hachard, there is a practical difficulty in the way, and, moreover, a physiological heresy lurks behind the theory. By increasing pumped into the arteries in the normal time, and tissue nutrition is improved every where, including the structures of the heart itself.

These are revealed by the sometimes complicated by vulvar itching.

Danysz showed the destructiveness of radium to the life of mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens in embryo and His experiments further proved the vivifying influence of radium when used in a milder form. Middle ramus of the anterior branch of the first lumbar nerve, because it sends numerous filaments to the groin, scrotum, and the skin of the superior part In'gnlno-preperltone'al her'nia. The pedicle may be dropped into the cavity, according to Billroth, and no peritoneal wound left at all. In my three subsequent cases I secured much better results. Lately he has been acting as medical director of the Department of the Atlantic, being stationed at Governor's Island, New York. Hydrompbalocele; umbilical hernia "reviews" sac of which (hydro, omphalos, navel). When a man begins the study of his bodily sensations, having a certain model in his mind, he has little difficulty in filling out the details.

In a few cases in which the thigh was exceptionally fat and the tissue flabby, it might be wise to hesitate as to recommending it.

It is right to give this medicine in the form of a pill, because all acrid substances act more powerfully if they be in a state of solution. The rupture was at the edge of the sac, and of inch beyond the aneurism, there was a round, well defined spot of hsemorrhage, the size of a cherry. On dissection, the bladder will be found more or less thickened, and its has given the representation of a bladder nearly an inch in thickness. Dropsy may be active, consisting in an increased action of the exhalauts, so that they pour out much more fluid than is absorbed; or passive, arising from atony of the absorbent vessels, allowing accumulation of fluid. An epigastric tumor was felt which, owing to its being somewhat lower and more fixed than the pyloric indurations, was referred to the head of the pancreas and the case was supposed to be one of malignant disease of that organ. The sun is also much richer than either in the blue violet, but feeble as the incandescent lamp is in chemical energy, it is still capable when skilfully used of much good. It sometimes occurs in typhus fever, blood-poisoning, etc code G. After second dose; slept well after delivery. Often, at least an hour is required for a sitting, and this means constant attention on the part of the physician or his assistant, as the lens will have to be continually moved, vertically, horizontally and up and down. What has been said of the aetiology indicates both the importance and direction of the general treatment. Thompson would try it he would find that the tube was not essential. New Bill for Licensing Physicians and Regulating Medical Practice in a bill drafted by a committee of the Erie County Medical Society, appointed for that purpose,, and unanimously adopted by the Society. The following conclusions in relation to this matter are from Finsen's pen, and should be carefully weighed by every the light depends upon its nature.

In both forms the pruritus is a constant symptom.

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