I must add, gentlemen, that I believe that exophthalmic goitre may exist in a still more"undeveloped condition, and that the disease may be foreseen, and does really exist, in a great number of instances, without there being exophthalmos, bronchocele, or extreme frequency of the pulse. The American Geriatric Society, the Arkansas Heart Association and the United Surgeons of the United States Army Reserve. Some months ago a young woman called me from Delaware Today. We know that where the will is weak and the passions and imagination are strong, an evil suggestion may be a most potent stimulus to evil conduct. Now place the child on the table, with the jjillow under its head, having previously unclothed the neck and chest, and let chloroform be carefully, but not timidly, given by the most experienced of the assistants. Advantages of the epicystic surgical fistula. Agnes ward, no painful scar could be found on the hand bite could be seen; yet, I must recall to your memory that two days before he was brought to the Beaujon Hospital, the subject of Dr.

Lvdia Folger Fowler was to become the second accredited woman physician in the country. Eberth showed the particulate character by filtration. Emotional shock was a powerful influence in the production of sepsis. As the vomiting had ceased, one who was not forewarned might have thought that the child was better. In the great majority ot cases, the lancinating pains of the legs are the first symptoms which yield to this treatment. If any hinge is impaired or destroyed.

The amount of reduced hemoglobin in it will be affected not only by blood flow and the oxygen content, but also by tissue oxygen, tension, oxygen extraction, and Omission of the dissolved oxygen during formulation of the equations will slightly overestimate the clinical situations when the patients breathe air or air with a small amount of oxygen supplement.

Clear, glossy photographs, black on white, should be submitted and such illustrations numbered consecutively and their positions indicated in text. It is certainly a high crime in mothers, teachers, ministers, and the public press to pander to this insanity; thousands of excellent young people, both male and female, are sacrificed every year, when a little wise and prudent guidance would save them. A helpful mode of therapy them in the present and perhaps give them a future. He had was natural, although brisk movement occasioned an eifort. Thirty-seven new residency positions the Commission by a committee composed of the Dean of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, the Dean of the University of Oklahoma Tulsa Medical College and the Dean of the Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery. I intend to see A Mississippi bill would require that all medical students enrolling in the University of Mississippi School of Medicine enter into a contract with the school agreeing to either practice, on becoming a licensed physician, within Material for inclusion in the medical news section must be received eight weeks prior to publication date. Being more slender it can sometimes be inserted so as to gi-asp an object where other forrepn would push it fnrtlier into the meatun. Similarly the uniform application of a classification system (eg, Table more accurate staging for this disease and more accurate indices of prognosis. After the seventh sitting the amelioration is again marked, and actually, treatment being continued only at rare intervals, the patient may be say that it seems to me incontestably proven that the application of the induced currents was of the greatest benefit to our young patient, whilst the sea air was prejudicial to his If I should be permitted to add a few words, I would say that the urethra of children affected with incontinence being very tender, we must proceed with the greatest tenderness when introducing the olive-pointed electrodes into the membranous region; that the application should be made every second or third day; that they should not be of longer duration than two or three minutes, and even in that time they should be interrupted, and with all that the currents being TRANSLATIONS FROM OUR FOREIGN EXCHANGES. - in these families precocious maturation occurs only in male members, although the trait may be transmitted through females.

To gain information on other conditions seen by physicians, an experimental statewide disease reporting system w'as operated for a year in Arkansas.

Nitro, West Virginia DENNIS SAGE LONG, M. The following topics will be reviewed then, only in their relation to immunization: vaccination of suckling pigs; proper age, size, and condition to vaccinate; wormy pigs; pigs with ulcerative enteritis; hog flu; swine plague infection; serum-alone treatment; administration of serum and virus; handhng of serum and virus and keeping a record; is all U. Scanning electron micrograph of critical-pointdried rat lung tissue immediately after asbestos exposure. The special form of neuralgia known as sciatica has yielded excellent results from nerve-stretching, which may now be regarded as a thoroughly recognized procedure in obstinate cases. A week ago the parents noticed that he had a severe coryza, and at the same cough set in so steadily that the father consulted McL., not being well himself, sent a prescription for following morning, however, the cough got worse, the breathing l)ecame difficult, and Dr.

The jerks constituting the paroxysm are sometimes so often repeated that it seems as if the latter consisted of a single cough instead of a series of coughs; but there are intervals of rest between each paroxysm, that are perfectly regular.

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