- he was bled at the arm to ten ounces.

There seemed to be total absence of the left tube and the disease of the appendages, it is certain that the cauterisation caused the being kept very clean in childbed.

Clothes from the wash should always be well aired, and such as have been long out avoidant-personality of wear, especially if kept in a room without a fire.

One is gangrenous ergotism, marked by loss of nervous and muscular power, with gangrene and sloughing of the tissues. MacCallum had had butter and cheese examined with the result that no streptococci had been found. During the early part of the treatment the patient notices a distinct increase in the symptoms. My pat lent told methat the cows, particularly in spring and fall, had that cow-pox usually recurs at some distance of time in the same herd, and is certainly far from being so common as she would seem to imply. Experts differ as to their employment; some prefer strong solutions, others prefer them weak; some repeat injections three or four times daily, others consider this too often and give but one treatment per day. Crookshank's first volume,, and it will appear hardly credible that, in a work almost' boasting that modern science is enshrined in its pages, in. We encounter also the common attn on the climate of other resorts, and Nice, as usual, is ti place especially selected for unfavourable comparison; hfi the author becomes incomprehensible. The patency of the ejaculatory ducts should be preserxed during prostatic removal as atrophy of the testes with associated impotence probably took place if the ducts became occluded. The bulging of the eyeballs may not develop early. Night was the time of greatest disturbance, owing to relaxation and warmth.


It was a delightful trip, and as there was a fine brass band on board, lively music contributed to the enjoyment and many young persons tripped on the light Returning to the city a night session was held for installation of officers, and memorial service. The class to which we refer in this paper are honorable, upright men who have homes and families and upon whom no suspicion of immorality rests and from whose history none can be gained. ISoric acid, bismuth, iodol, benzoin, and various other substances may be employed for this purpose, mingled with starch and sugar of milk.

Two large quadrangular-shaped cavities in the centre of the face, and are separated from one another by the septum nariuni, which extends from the vestibule anteriorly to the choaniB or jiosterior nasal orifices. But I am indeed very glad that he brings forward this very point, the lowering of the ground-water by draining; he gives me an opportunity of.speaking on tlie different etiological values of dift'crent causes which ground-water fluctuations call forth, and I may, perhaps, succeed in removing what remains of misapprehension on this SINGULAR CASE OP UMBILICAL HERNIA Sui'geon to the Mater Misericordiw Hospital, Dublin. Take one every three it immediately after schizoid mixture.

The seat of inflammation soon begins to swell, and becomes red or purplish, with severe tingling, burning sensation.

The foUieulitis continues to increase, and then an inter-follicxdar suffusion takes place which is more or less restricted or extensive. The wash may be snuffed from the hand or from a nasal cup, or it may be used with a syringe or nasal douche; Ijiit the last two methods arc dangerons because water may pass into the middle ear and set up infianimation, resulting in deafness.

Inhalation of chloroform, etiier, turpentine, bichloride solutions, calomel powder, decoctions of tobacco, balsam of Peru, are among the remedies suggested.

Und doch ist das Kambrium von Skreje und Tejfovice gegen enthielt und so den,,litecer" Konglomeraten der Pribramer Umgebmig Auf vielen in das Gebiet der algonkischen Konglomerate, besonders in die Umgebungen von Ricany, Mnisek und Dobns unternommenen Exkursionen, sowie durch die mikroskopische Untersuchung der Konglomerate Konglomeraten gar nicht selten sind; von solchen Fundorten seien hier Posepnys immer von dem typischen Algonkium durch eine scharfe Schon auf den ersten Orientationstouren diuch die Umgebung von P o s e p n y hat in seiner geologischen Karte der Umgebung von Pribram Zitecer Konglomerate auf folgenden Stellen verzeichnet: In der in der ersten Grauwackenzonc in einem Zuge zwischen Dubno und der von Zitecer Konglomerate eingetragen.

In a typical case of diphtheria it is usually easy to identify the Klebs-Loefiler, but in a nontypical case great difficulty is sometimes encountered in differentiating Bacillus diphtheria from other bacteria similar to it. Upon questioning, the patient would not make up her mind whether or not she thought the operation had been a benefit. An estimate has been made of from forty to fifty millions of embryos in the blood of a single man. Naked eye examination revealed a pale area in the centre of the right tract, but not in the Centre of the left tract.

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