(Menage derives it from droga, and this from the Persian droa,' odour;' because many drugs have a strong odour. The common dose is from a scruple to a drachm and a half. Both lungs in other respects were perfectly sound and free from adhesions. These cases usually are of a comparatively mild character and do not present distinct malarial paroxysms characterized by a chill and sudden rise of temperature. If God has made woman unsuited to the struggles of life, no formal statutes, and no want of them, can deprive her of the sheltered niches originally hers. In some way, he suspected the syrup, and ceased its use. Ru'tilum which are of pubmed.cnet a pale red when broken, and covered ALUMINA, ACETATE OF, Aluminas Acetau acetate of lead to sulphate of alumina and potassa. The film had separated, leaving a shallow ulcer. In corresponding with Advertisers please mention The Medical and Surgical Reporter. The clavicles and scapulae and the skull are hard and unyielding (as felt through the The bones of the lower extremities are all soft.

These confusional conditions, which often present a clinical aspect betraying their emotional origin and disclosing their psycho-neuropathic nature, may completely resemble toxic confusion, except that no visceral or nervous symptom can be found to indicate an intoxication. Part of anatomy which treats of the intestinal ENTERAERECTASIA, (enteron, at,p,'air,' and ENTERAL'GTA, Enter odyn'ia, (enteron, and ENTER AN GEM PHR AXIS, Enterangiemphraxis. Other physicians, likewise, favor luminal very"The Practical Medicine Series" is a remarkably valuable publication, one that enables the general practitioner to keep up with the times and that does not encroach so much upon his leisure time as does the regular reading of numerous medical journals. Cerebral symptoms are not uncommon in children. Radiography between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae, immediately below the upper border of the iliac crest.

John Hall, Jessie, daughter of the late Oliver Charlick, and William M. Anoe of the need caoaed Dy gynoatoeifl of the movable connection of bones in which one rotates upon another.

CIRRHAGRA, (cirrus,'a curl,' and aypa,'a CIRRHONO'SIS, (from xipfe,'yellow,' and CIRRHON'OSUS, (lapfe,'yellow,' and voaos,'disease.') A disease of the foetus, in which there Is a yellow coloration of the serous membranes. Wno flourished in the early part of the present century, was the first to call this sore by the name of fissure of the anus. More often, perhaps, it is owing to the latter cause, and is termed venous Congestive Fever, see Fever, congestive. The ossifluent abscess or abscess by conIn long bones the point first attacked is gestiou studied classically in connection the epiphysis, and according to Oilier the with Pott's Disease, is a veritable tubercuepiphysis the most fertile. The smallest measure of the Greeks, the sixth part of a foot. This rule, however, applies only to the first six months. The left hand and fingers are held rigid, the fingers being with convulsive movements of the face and left hand. The environment, therefore, exercises an influence which, instead of being harmful, as it so frequently is, constitutes a most valuable help. The third section is de- Ten grains of Dover's powder with hot voted to a consideration of the tuberculins, lemonade and a hot air or"poor man's with dilution and dose tables, descriptions bath" act most beneficially.

The lack of either to just that extent disqualifies the product for use in the treatment of chronic constipation.

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