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Microscopic examinations have never been forum made in such cases as get well by themselves. I do not mean to imply that these criticisms apply to all druggists. Where shall we find a combination of the line of beauty, equal to that of the figure of a lovely American woman? The statue that enchants the world, cannot equal some of the natural and dressuntortured forms of our village maidens. You doctors are notorious for neglecting yoursel ves, so it is not going to be easy to make you adequately anxious about a case of laryngitis.

This is the position assumed naturally in defecation and it seems reasonable that the same end, viz.,"the expulsion of a foreign body from a viscus in the abdominal cavity" should be met by the same means.


Of immune blood, and that the elimination of the larger quantity may require a much longer time. We removed the placenta at once, as in the other two cases, in advance of the legit child.

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