The allowed a patient to die of pei itoni'is without opening tonitis and the operation has been completely successful in forty-one cases. This was due to the large deposit of earthy salts round the nucleus. Here it may be mentioned that Bacillus aerogenes capsulatus may be present in the uterus, usually in association with other bacteria, in both mild and severe cases of puerperal endometritis witliout the recognition of gas in the foetus, or the uterine cavity, or wall. It must also be remembered that hemorrhage is an important element of danger, and, when considerable, it may simulate the existence of shock. Chronic catarrh of the nose, throat, and ear in children was frequently referred to some one of the exanthemata as the startingpoint, and correctly so in many instances.

.Stansfeld has failed in his attempt to prove that the operation of the Acts has not led to the results which was expected from them, as regards their effect upon the health of the army and navy. Cuts should be washed and cleansed with peroxid, a piece of gauze dipped in boracic acid solution should be applied and then the cut bandaged.

The same principle doubtless holds good for acquired immunity from some other diseases, but for how large a number we cannot say. Philadelphia Medical Tiepor ter, is a very able article by Professor Dr.

The apparatus used was the identical one employed in the case of the child above noted.

The diagnosis was based upon the benignity of the process, the non-effect of arsenic and internal medication, the origin in vaccination, and certain lesions upon the chin which were clinically identical with those of ordinary impetigo contagiosa.

Cold, or even ice-water may be given when the pain indicates high acidity, but alcoholic or carbonated drinks are never helpful.

High professional authorities differ as to the measure of success. Perhaps its chief dose giving best results. On the other hand, there are asthmatic patients in whom the neurotic element is so predominant as to make Sir Andrew Clark's theory inadequate to their satisfactory Dr. The parents were absolutely free from all infectious, contagious, or communicable diseases, past or present, save one, and that was rheumatism. Doubtless an effort will be made at the coming meeting in May to degenerate the Association into a medico-political meeting by the very men who have so roundly abused it, but it is to be hoped that the better element which has hitherto guided its counsels will succeed in preventing the disaffected element of the profession from impairing the usefulness of the Association. The same may be said of Those who are fortunate enough to possess a town supply of electricity in their houses, can easily adapt it to X ray work, by carrying two terminals to a switch board. It is to be regretted, that many of the small local board districts around Birmingham are not, for sanitary purposes, under the district, under one officer of health. To help out, this bacillus should be given with much sugar (code). In ascitic fluid there is abundant growth with formation of gas bubbles. Certain toxic substances, however, have the power of temporarily deranging this function, with glycosuria as a result.


In this case, the restoration of sensation and motion appears to have lieen very gradual; but Mr.

It is accordingly hereby resolved that such a Branch shall be formed, under the name of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch of the British Medical Association.'" It will be in the remembrance of those who were present at that meeting that the question came up as to the kind of business which such a Branch should undertake. But there is more difference in the flavor and wholesomeness and nearly as much difference in safety in buttermilks as there is in sweet milks: promo.

It is always to be understood, as a matter of course, that all concurrent and intercurrent diseases will be treated in accordance with the requirements of each. Lungs showed firm old pleuritic adhesions and were full of cheesy tubercles and vomica?. My experience seems to have been the same as S. How is prostatic enlargement recognized? III. By this method the street current becomes simply a mechanical force used to generate another similar current, which is controlled by the rheostat in the usual way, and hence there is no electrical connection between the patient" Revue Internationale d'electro-thdrapie," March, April, and May, Climatic and Open- Air Treatment of At no period in the history of medicine has more attention been devoted to the treatment of consumption than at the present time. There followed a period when surgeons considered that the air bacteria could be wholly neglected as a source of traumatic infection, and this is probably still the opinion of the majority of surgeons. Fat meat, bacon, lard, olive oil, cream, chocolate, and certain nuts; of the third like wheat and oats, the sugars (cane, beet, and milk), maple syrup, molasses, The main inorganic foods are water and common salt (coupon). Specimens of exceptionally large crystals of oxalate of lime mounted in balsam, from the urine of a patient suffering from anjcmia perniciosa.

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