An acute infectious disease caused by a specific microorganism and characterized by emesis, violent purging, abdominal ii cramps,.etiology. To our great surprise the reporter thought diffreently and gave the interview a prominent place The purpose of this letter is to reaffirm the statement that no cure for tuberculosis has yet been found.


And simply referred to here, was a young girl of sixteen, who, as a result of inherited disease, had a saddleback nose of such an extreme degree that the bridge of the nose was sunken to nearly the level of the cheeks, and was covered with a dense scar. Inflammations, either primarily or consecutively fl affecting the tongue, are rarely of any considerable duration, without changing more or less the structure of the organ; still they cannot be viewed in their earlier stages especially as falling within the category of structural lesions. All were relatively mild with a short eight months in the seventh (rdn/generic.bfr). Be used, the earlier the operative treat This obviously leads to a considera- m ent is begun, consistent with the be resorted to.

These methods are all better than pouring the urine on the nitric acid in the bottom of a test - tube.

A sense of burning in the soles of the feet and palms of the hands is frequent in the gouty and rheumatic diathesis, in hectic, and in morbid states of the circulating ed fluids.

The pericardial fluid contains not only bile pigment but bile acids also, as BirchHirschfeld, Hofmeister, and Halberstam have demonstrated. As we approached our journey's end, she said to me bashfully:" Do you know where Harrison Avenue is?" I said I did. At the end opium and tannalbin were of some use for the attacks of diarrhoea. Exploration of the abdomen revealed a tumour of purplish hue, very tense and markedly congested; some pus Avas found on its outer side, and, Avithin it.

If the bleeding is severe in an unmanageable patient, a hypodermic of morphine often acts like a charm.

Commonest causes of.sterility in women to be gonorrhoea and maldevelopment of the pelvic organs. Yet states of disease sometimes present themselves, or circumstances occur, which induce the physician to prefer such means as more means act also upon the secretions and excretions, more especially on those of the skin, as when warm baths, warm diaphoretics, pediluvia, have often the effect of equalizing the circulation and promoting the secretions: ip. Sodth recommends the to produce erubcscence of the external surface, or as not to occasion this cHect, according hr to the intention of the physician. If the disease extends to "hu" the dorsal and cervical regions of the cord, a similar difficulty and irregularity of motion are observed in the hands. It must be remembered that there is no specific climate for tuberculosis; it can develop anywhere and does; it can If a person suffering from this disease wishes to be restored to health, hj mubt have, aside from fresh air and good food, competent guidance and treatment, no matter in what climate he is slaying; and to have this requires some means. The diet should be meagre for several days. Normally salicyluric acid should be present in the urine within five or six hours after its administration. The time of Bernard it has often been assumed that in diabetes some disturbance of the central nervous system might be one of the factors operating through the liver to bring about this condition. The author stated that while the rectum is protected by the buttocks, and bony structures, it is frequently injured by external trauma, expulsion of hardened feces, and foreign bodies, swallowed "hx" or introduced through the anus, such wounds being contused, lacerated, incised or perforated. As these factors are hw becoming year by year less conspicuous features of our civilization there is every reason to hope that the disease will ultimately disappear from the earth. Having ascertained by pulsation the exact course of the artery in its whole extent, I then marked out with the knife near the end of the artery a cresoentic piece like a lower eyelid, but a little larger. Kelsch and Kiener, on the comj)licated Avith dysentery, and they add that this proportion Avould Avith dysentery, is declared by the French school to be quite an exceptional occurrence; and upon them is based the proposition that both are due to one microbic cause. The most constant and characteristic morbid changes are a degeneration of the terminal branches of the peripheral nerves, atrophy of the nerve cells of the heart and of the terminations of the pneumogastric nerve; later the trunk of this nerve, as well as those of the phrenic and splanchnics, is involved: hs. Along with them doubtless pass a series of other products normally arrested by the liver.

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