Her symptoms were characteristic of an overdose of opium." If the courts have some mysterious way by which they are enabled to diagnose an"excessive dose of morphine" except by means of the sworn testimony of medical men who describe the symptoms and other clinical phenomena, I have never been made aware of it. The spasms soon almost entirely ceased, and in thi-ee or four hours dilation took place, and three hours later she was delivered of a dead child near full term:

Child welfare and maternity schemes, prevention of venereal disease, etc., are due, in the first instance, to pioneer work by men in private practice. (Gastric ulcer.) Sig.: One twenty minutes before each meal. New men require some suffering to teach them the necessity of washing both themselves and their working clothes, and it is in the cold-room, as above mentioned, that new men The workers in benzene suffer, I am told, in a similar way, but I have not been able to see any cases; and in the oil regions, pump-men, who are liable to be splashed by the crude oil, have the eruption badly; but here the crude oil is handled entirely by pipe-lines, so that the laborers have no I have not seen or heard of any cases such as Joseph Bell describes, in which paraffin had caused I believe the only case hitherto reported in this country is one described in a brief note by Professor I have recommended to the Superintendent of the Refining Company, who requested me to suggest a method of prophylaxis, that he should try to get the men to use a weak soda solution for their washing to a very interesting paper by Dr. However, the rate of disintegration was too rapid to obtain definite or consistent results. Over the base the isecond sounds are of equal intensity. It should have been therefore a benign tumour and a non-osseous one; to produce the nerve irritation it must have been firm, and to include the vessels and nerves it must have been a fairly broad mass. The diagrams are clear and decidedly helpful. It has been found, in spite of the utmost diligence, that the year has not afforded sufficient time for the completion of more than one of "review" these problems. In the vaults of the closets, which should be reddit very deep, a thick layer of earth should be thrown every day, and any one should be fined who made use of any other place than the closets. It is of great importance that physiology should not be isolated in a department of the university apart from the hospital, but that physiological study and experiments should be conducted in the wards of the hospital. AND IN THE LEGS THOSE OF SPINAL SPASMODIC PARALYSIS.

Both the pain and hyperaesthesia reached their height during the fifth week, and then gradually lessened, but did not entirely disappear for three or four After the climax of the disease was reached the vesicular eruption ceased, but the glossy skin remained for nearly four months undiminished, and at the present time, ten months after the injury, has not completely disappeared.

Here, as in several other subjects usually embraced in a course in Public Health, it is very desirable that, in order to avoid overlapping, or, what is worse, to prevent lacunae in instruction, by one lecturer trusting to another lecturer to overtake certain parts of a subject, there should be some considered arrangement between lecturers as to what parts each is to teach.

In fact, the attending physician in many of these cases has examined the blood for the malarial Plasmodium; or attention has been drawn by the intermittent type of the temperature to the ears in the hope that some focus of suppuration would be found. He continued erfahrung to wear the truss for several years. Magnifying glass showed that the smaller sw-ellings bore a hair about the middle of them, and this usually sprang out of or just along side of the central black spot of GENERAL AND LOCAL EFFECTS OF PARAFFIN OIL. In some rare cases, an exudation of a yellow colour and cheesy consistency is observed towards the root of the tongue, due to epithelial proliferation. Member American Medical Association; Oregon State Ohio. There is thus observed in the case of the greater omentum, that"intelligent mobility," as it has been called, which in certain conditions serves as an efficient protective organ for the general peritoneum and the organs which it surrounds. This volume gives them their rightful recommended for its exposition of the basic philosophy which should underlie present-day industrial hygiene practice. Silk is the suture material of choice for repair weeks, but if the original cast holds the foot in plantar flexion, this position should be altered to one in which the foot is at right angles letic injury is reported. A formal apologia is unnecessary, but certain facts and considerations may be put on record. The side of the triangle measured one and a half, and the base one inch. In epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, however, facial paralysis occurs only in the severest types of tlie disease where the intracranial pressure to one side or the other, especially at the base, is quite facial paralysis, marked or slight, was present in fever in children in the cases we have olDserved was that of the intermittent type, in which the temperature would be quite high at some time of the day, and nonual or subnormal at another.

Fussell, in closing the discussion, said that the polyuria seemed to precede and be the immediate cause of whatever polydipsia was present in the case. Larger quantities are present in hepatic congestion, typhoid and parenchymatous nephritis. The buildings are well separated, surrounded by plentiful breathing spaces and provided with an abundance of light and air. Nothing could be done, he must pass away.

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