The foot has then acquired a most distinctive quadrate or truncated appearance, which has been aptly likened to the artificial deformity of the Chinese lady; the arch has completely disappeared, and the toes look as if they took their rise immediately from the tai-sus; the explanation of this is that the metatarsus may be dislocated either above or below the proximal part of the foot.

Of internal remedies opium may be given freely, best as morphia hypodermically. Schramn describes such a case, but refers to five recorded examples "reviews" of malignant growths involving the thoracic duct without chylous ascites.


His illness dated from an attack of typhus two years previously. It must which opium seems to be the most active. It would seem that there has been some difference of opinion among the trustees as to the time when the Hospital should be opened for the reception of patients, and that two of the it was advised that the Hospital should be opened in fifty-six patients, the dispensary, amphitheatre, and apothecaries' building; the reasons given being that the city is in want of gratuitous hospital accommodation, and that the University desires to organize its medical department as soon as possible to meet the demands which are made upon it, and that it cannot do this until the hospital is ready to furnish opportunities for clinical instruction. Since the adoption of the plan of treatment under consideration, I have not encountered cases attended with such hyperpyrexia as has rendered attempts to control it by cold baths necessary The minor nervous symptoms are best held in check by skilful nursing. THE APPEOPKIATION TO THB IIBKAET AND MTTSEtJM the purchase of books for the Army Medical Museum." We are very sorry to learn that, so far as and library together. To the Editor of The Medical News, Sir: I have found the following method of employing iodin topically of service: Take a piece of gutta-percha tissue and give it three or more coatings of tincture of iodin; let it dry, and apply the tissue in the selected locality, with the iodin coating turned toward the skin, and secure it with a roller bandage.

In the third degree the whole of the big erfahrung toe is bent down towards the sole, but the other toes still remain over-extended at the metacarpophalangeal joints. On inquiry it proves to be near vision, and the impairment is of a watch held at six feet from his eyes, but not at one foot. E., at the junction of the button. - barthelemy says that After death from entrance of air into the veins, the right cavities of the heart are found distended with frothy blood, and blood containing the pulmonary artery and its branches. Partially peptonized milk, Avhen not distasteful to the patient, is occasionally serviceable. Ord has had a patient suffering from that disease with marked affection of the bulb, a point of similarity with the present case of some importance.

V of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Reports, to the exhaustive article by Welch and Thayer in Loomis and Thompson's Systena sarily associated with any material improvement in the condition of the marshes or of the soil. Simpson, who succeeded The subject of midwifery, which originally included consideration of the diseases Queen's of women and children, had been greatly developed in the previous century by CoUe S e Professors Gibson, Young and Alexander Hamilton, and in the early years of the the Edinburgh School specially distinguished in regard to this department of practice. It was well known before Valleix's time that a pain clinically resembling neuralgia might be produced not only by disease of the nervous system, but also by disease of some internal organ.

The salivation that occurred in some cases, has never been of any gravity; they complained of sore mouth, but it has not been bad enough to prevent eating or nursing. Simpson had made the school of Midwifery assistant to his uncle and had afterwards practised in Glasgow for some years as a Edinburgh. The or more membranes, which are not attached to the coats of the uterus, and are supplied with nourishment, and apparently with air from a gelatinous matter by which they are surrounded. There was found the most intense entero-colitis with hamiorrhages and exudation. The operation is done under antiseptic precautions, with the patient anesthetized. The external wound was closed with interrupted sutures, and antiseptic dressings were applied.

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