Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas Jack Ellis, M.D. High Street, West Bromwich (dead).. Many applicants have "" records of having had hyptertension in the past. The thyroid gland is also occasionallj' enlarged; it was so in five cases." In one case the left lobe was large and soft, and contained a quantity of semi-purulent fluid. People seldom die under two or three days of illness, but in extreme cases it has been fatal within twenty-four hours. A drug which does not require such precaution on account of its nontoxicity, sterilization of metal instruments, owing to the fact that when brought in contact with metal, decomposition takes place; but it is an excellent antiseptic for hands, catheters (soft rubber), and hard-rubber instruments. How do we know that it was quoted from our journal and not directly from the original? Very simply. In the very great majority of cases, however, which have been regarded clinically as general paralysis, the autopsy reveals a complex of morbid conditions which, whilst perhaps scarcely so suggestive as the group of symptoms which go to make up the clinical picture, is nevertheless sufficiently characteristic to bear out the diagnosis founded upon the latter. Though this forced position is regarded by Luciani as due to direct irritation, yet, inasmuch as it occurs immediately after the lesion arid before inflammatory irritation can have been set up, it is probably only a dynamic effect, and due to the suddenness of the disturbance. The intestine is generally in a state of passive dilatation, distended by gas, and occupied by a dirty-brown fluid, composed of intestinal secretions, epithelium, lymph, blood, and feces. Bv taking the blood pressure every week we mav prevent some jobs cardiovascular accident by reducing the dosage or discontinuing the neoarsphenamine or mapharsen entirely. In the brain, not the blood quantum, but rather the velocity of blood floAv is increased, whenever the arterial pressure is raised by general Since the cerebral circulation is uncontrolled by any local vaso-motor mechanism, and passively follows every change in the general circulation, it is necessary to determine how the latter maintains the efficiency of the former. A case has been described, however, by Mills and M'Connell which they consider indicative of the existence of a" naming" centre in whose symptoms began with vertigo, followed by word-blindness and right hemianopsy. It was well known to has been generally asserted to have been brought from America to England, whence it passed to the Continent known in the days of' Good Queen Bess,' that, although the word' bug' occurs five or six difEerent The eggs of the bedbug are bluish-white in color, oval in shape, one end of the oval being narrowed, and arc found in cracks, crevices, joints, and casings, where the bedbug hides. Thus there cannot be any marked translation of cerebro-spinal fluid synchronous with the cerebral movements. Examination showed the lower lip, gums, tongue and soft palate to be markedly swollen and edematous. "For we affirm that only the same, in the same and like manner and proportion added or subtracted to or from the same, will allow the body to remain in the same state, whole and sound, and that, whatever is taken away or added in violation of these rules causes all manner of changes and infinite diseases and disorders." Now this gives us a glimpse of the grasp Plato had of the many theories of the nature of man and his diseases prevalent in his day.

If the nerve only be affected there is paralysis of the external rectus on the same side as the lesion, with consequent internal strabismus of that eye. The symptoms were those of pyloric stenosis and were entirely relieved at once by gastroenterostomy.

The increase in size taking place for the most part in the lateral direction.

Bacillus prodigiosus, and Bacillus pyocyaneus were as efficacious in producing suppuration as the living cultures. Yet the method of making use of the entire available current, and regulating it by means of a rheostat, has one very grave objection, and that is that the intensity of the entire battery accompanies even the smallest amount of current applied, and thus materially increases the pain accompanj'ing the application. Also if As a stimulant caffeine-sodium-benzoate is the drug of choice.

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