Extrait d'aconit; but'temut, extract of juglans. The author concludes with a general sununary of the treatment and everything else which the practical surgeon can want to know in connexion with the subject of which it treats. Once acquired, however, this faculty of correct analysis of symptoms becomes the richest possession and greatest power for good of the gynaecologist, or, for that matter, of the general practitioner. Which dies, to the ground at least, on ripening the seeds or on the approach of win the whole herb or of the stems, leaves, and Gratiola officinalis, L. The use of the iodides alone, but if used in conjunction with mercury the effect was more marked and lasting. Not regarding the dearth of the season, neither the increase of their number, nor yet their approaching ruin, the monks (and Ffyloll pleads it as a reason for crushing them)" would have, and hath, that same fare continued that was then used, and would have jileuty of bread, and ale, and fish, given to strangers in the buttery, and at the buttery door; and as large distributions of bread and ale to all their servants, and to vagabonds (travellers) at the gate, as was then used." The poor, in reality, depended on the chaiity (never grudging) of the. On the same subjects; formerly business manager of formerly house surg ( The stimulating effect of a high altitude, with its lowered atmospheric density, other things being equal, offers the greatest inducement to the greatest number of invalids. - if inhaled, steam, spray of water containing carbonate of ammonia, spray ot alcohol, cautious inhalation of ammonia, intubation of larvnx or tracheotomy for spasm of glottis; if swallowed (as chlonne-water), white of egg, magnesia, hyposulphite of sodium or magnesium, demulcent drinks. Tables of the Chorea and Acute Kheumatism cases will be published in separate foim. Brushfield in the able paper already mentioned, and this the more so, as I fancy only a small number of Canadian practitioners read the London a court of law, and this alone should make him exceedingly cautious in all his written statements." heading of facts observed by himself." have been observed on the day of examination." others under the second heading as carefully as how strongly the facts observed by others may testify to the insanity, the certificate is invalid if the medical man is unable from his own personal observation to adduce such facts as will in themselves show the patient to be insane." In commenting on this clause, Dr. This is not an absolute test, but only corroborative, since, substances precipitated bismuth subnitrate which has been treated composed of equal parts of carbolic acid and glycerin form an emulsion which clears up on agitation, leaving a transparent and highly refractive liquid:

The subsequent treatment consisted in the use of atropine, hot-water applications, and cleansing with boric-acid was not entirely well it was so nearly so that it was safe to allow the patient to leave and to continue the treatment at home. In concentrated solutions "" the turbidity appears immediately. It is generally a puzzle to men to know in what axis to pull that will make the delivery easy and safe.

He died of plirpura with albuminuria. The cup arranged as above described has some of the acoustic properties of the phonendoscope, and the instrument can be used with considerable satisfaction through several thicknesses of clothing. The drug is to be used only under strict supervision and Contraindications to the Exploratory Use of the which the affection is aggravated by the local irritation or in which life is in any way endangered. This is jjerhaps due to the establishment of collateral circulation.

This principle was recognised and formulated by entitled to be registered in any year as a voter who shall, within twelve months previously, have received parochial relief or other alms," etc. Allison moved that the Education Committee be instructed to embody in their report a statement of the aggregate number of marks obtained by the unsuccessful candidates at the late had failed to discharge his duties as prosecutor for that body, he would move that a special committee be appointed to investigate the matter. Broca has however established that the capacity of the cranium was greater in the conquered than in their It is to M. Bony union of the cut end of the femur with the pelvis is to be avoided, for it U fbnnd that conjolidation and attuubuent bj means of a firm fibrous tissue allow avery extensiva use of tbc limb, and mtc aiujily sufficient to bear the weight of tlie bad;. The abdomen was apparently full of diseased structures also, but he had been unable to proceed in the examination any further.

Wyssokowitsch has repeated the experiments, and has come in the main to the same conclusions as Watson Cheyne, but ho has added several interesting observations.

And, by the way,, as an evidence that this disease may have existed for some time before the patient's attention hasbeen directed to any disease, this has been said tome over and over again by patients, even when the urine still contained sugar; they were not aware that they had any disease, as they felt much better than they had for months, perhaps for yearsbefore. Hence, in the class of fatpi'ople in whom disintegration is imperfect, he advises copious draughts, while in the other class in whom assimilation is too SKVersly criticised in Paris, but on the whole they stood the test well; at any rate, his method rests upon a rational basis of experiment, and seems a great advance on the crude systems now so fashionable in Germany, whicVi seems to consist in little more than a rule of thumb dimiDUtion in the quantity of fluids, or a periodical resort to some Vmd where the water contains small quantities of sulphates or tUi; sy.steni of treating the chronic valvular diseases of the heart by name sense; but his teaching was not much heeded, and the tendency hai hitherto been to look upon valvular lesion as a disabling condition, dobariiiig the patient from a life of active jihysical exertion. The extract prepared from the leaves and young shoots of Uncaria Gambir, Roxb.

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