They Local Emetics, which act by irritating the end organs of the gastric, oesophageal, or pharyngeal General or Systemic Emetics, which act by direct irritation of the vomiting centre in the medulla Anti-Emetics are agents which prevent and relieve vomiting. Whenever obstruction to deglutition exists, the oesophagus should be carefully examined, and if found to contain a foreign body it must be removed, or, if this is impossible, it should be forced into the stomach.

Or suppuration may proceed from the irritation, inflammation, rupture, and necrosis from excessive proliferation of a papilloma within the dermoid, either on the inner wall of the sac or on dermal plates: or by further cell degeneration cancer may ensue.

Small aneurisms of the intra-pulmonary branches of the artery occasionally occur in tubercular cavities (originating in the diminished resistance of the surrounding tissues and in external According to the observations hitherto recorded, in which, however, the diagnosis has been but seldom made during life, aneurism of the pulmonary artery may exhibit the following signs: dulness, with more or less considerable prominence in the second intercostal space on the left side and beneath the second left costal cartilage; above this loud sounds are heard, and a Instead of the sounds, or, along with them, murmurs, especially a systolic one, may be heard and their thrill felt; these are propagated in the direction of the pulmonary artery, to the Such an aneurism is very readily mistaken for an aortic aneurism (erfahrung).

The case was concealed until after the patient's death, and the way it became known was through Tony's asking Dr. Dropsy is a mere symptom; the efiect of very different conditions. See "reviews" Carbonei Bisul salt with twice as much tartaric acid as the corresponding neutral salt. I have tried all those which have been recommended, but never have found them of any use. This is a question not of retribution upon a disgusting and revolting wretch, but whether the example will frighten other lunatics. There cannot be any pursuits more worthy of the employment of our active powers than those which meliorate the condition of our fellow-creatures; and entertaining nothing but feelings of benevolence towards all mankind, I worthy of the closest inquiry. The growth in this instance has a somewhat firmer consistence, and is usually rough on its surface, so that it resembles a ripe strawberry. A friend of mine practised for a great many years in Demerara, and he came there to a conclusion precisely similar to that to which I have come in London, namely, that typhus fever is intermittent, that it is remittent, and that it is continued; and that it arises from marsh effluvia. On his release he settled in Pawtuxet and later in Newport, where he acquired a high reputation. Disintegration of tissue Gewebs-zug, m ( Unless this were the case, we could not account for the smooth, even It seems the more probable that this cortex consists of fungous spores, as true thread-like fungi, the leptothrix buccalis, are often seated in great numbers 2015 upon this horny mass. Ktichenmeister's scissors have a probe-pointed blade which is passed into the cervical canal, and a hooked blade which grips the cervix on its vaginal aspect and prevents its slipping, and so dispenses with the use of sharp hook or volsella forceps. The retention of an oosperm in In order to reach the uterine cavity the ovum must traverse the Fallopian tube. Much might be written to show what extensive work has been done to perfect our knowledge of the sectional anatomy of the female pelvis, of the structural anatomy of the pelvic floor, and of the position of the uterus and its appendages; but the work already quoted will illustrate how full a share anatomy has had in the development of gynaecological Turning from the anatomical to the pathological and clinical aspects, it is interesting to note that the enormous strides which the science has made, and which have raised it from a desultory collection of hypotheses to its present high position, have all been taken in the last half century. He continued until especially after eating, relieved by vomiting. Male, sixty-two years old, referred by For three years the patient had had pain in the stomach, and for two years lie had been unable to work. A week alter the beginning of the trouble she put her arm in a sling, in which she carried it for three weeks, and only at the end of this time was it noticed that there was inability to flex the forearm or to move the upper arm, alt hough she cannot tell how long this disability had existed before she became aware of it.


In the evening the pulse was skin warm. If the pain be confined to one or more spots it is probably due to some tender area of skin, or to some irregularity in the application of the pad; in this case the current must be reduced by introducing the full resistance of the rheostat, and the pad removed and examined. While some patients require feeding up, others call for a restriction of food. When palsy exists after apoplexy there is mostly some effusion of blood. The stomach, apparently dilated at entrance, resumed its normal limits gradually, but in spite of that, the symptoms referred to grew worse and she was transferred to the surgical service for At operation there was no distention of the stomach, but the small gut was distended; there was marked spasm of the pyloric end of the duodenum, practically closing the lumen for several inches; no tumor nor scars were found, while a hurried examination of the abdominal cavity failed to show anything definite, the patient being too ill for extensive search. In the case of vaginismus, again, especially where the cause is neurotic, the pain and consequent dread felt at one time may be absent at another. At the end of twelve days, an ulcer two ctm.

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