We remembered how universal vaccination was, and that it produced not only a wound but an acute infectious disease, we would recognize that there must of necessity take place a certain number of eruptions which bore no relation to the vaccination excepting a chronological one. Winslow reported a similar case of"Laparotomy for Relief of a Supposed Inguinal Hernia." In this case the operation failed to confirm the previous diagnosis, and search was made for the cause of constriction, which was found to be probably due to pelvic peritonitis.

The three factors to be considered are the fluid, the salt, and the nitrogen. The fact that the gliosis begins, as a rule, in the center of the cervical cord and that, as it progresses, it must always involve at first the gray matter of the posterior and anterior horns on one or both sides, is the reason why the group of symptoms always occurs in a way that is generally very characteristic, although it may show some variations. The swelling increased so much that the eyelids could not be opened for several days. Holmes, who sat near him, and the hand-clapping was cordial in comijliment to the One-Hoss Shay" to the society. The urea output depends not merely on the power of the kidney but upon the BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL amount and kind of nutrition furnished the patient and upon the success of his organs in dealing effectively with what is given him. A provisional bursa is sometimes established, itself often the seat of inflammation; but this dees not prevent the sensitive joint surface and the synovial membrane from ultimately receiving injurious jiressure, which results in the hideous and painful both famines was identical, the mortality being low grade, with fungous granulations, to which the greatest when the price of food was highest. The blood from a convalescent, on the eighth or tenth day after his crisis, was drawn into a syringe, containing a pinch of citrate of soda to prevent coagulation, and at once introduced into the vein of the patient. On opening this, the liquid part of the contents was but slightly colored, and of non-offensive odor. The pain ceased in five minutes and never returned in its original force.

In city hospital practice a very large proportion of all the deatlis resulting from this disease occurs in persons of this class, and nearly fifty per cent, of these cases prove rapidly fatal. Certain chronic tract degenerations caused by exogenous (toxic) substances could more properly be classed with the chronic myelitides. Science, made a report, in which he discussed the supply of Baltimore City. - the sciatic nerve-tnmk of this limb fails to respond to electricity as before; but whether the direct application of the electrodes to the muscles would produce a contraction, as in the first experiment, is not What is peculiar about this experiment is the different behavior of the sciatic nerve-trunk of the separated muscle from"all the other motor nerves of the body." Here it apjiears to have preserved its irritability, as it did in the last experiment, in which it has been seen that there are special conditions favorable to its doing so. Many bright things were said, and the too obvious truth that medicine is a progressive science was presented in various graceful and impressive ways. Many have already concluded not be largely.attended, and consequently not a success, and have therefore determined not to make the long journey to America. The child made an excellent recovery. I am not prepared to accept these unqualified statements of its specific character. The social cancer, which was eating the heart out of the tawdry court of Napoleon III., had infiltrated all ranks of Parisian society.

The reasons which made this congress so valuable to medical men and to the general community do not, of course, obtain in rheumatoid disease to the same extent, chiefly because rheumatoid is not a disease communicable from one to another, and therefore education of the populace regarding its prevention and treatment is not so essential. Finally, the name of psychical aura is applied to those initial symptoms which consist of vertigo, confusion of thought, or other pronounced disorders" of consciousness. Those whom the new provision is intended to reach are women who, for the most part, pay little heed to the ordinary canons of motherhood.

The area of the spleen was somewhat enlarged; liver normal size; abdomen rigid without tenderness or pain. From two to four of these pills daily are of great use in relieving the dry cough to which nervous women with irregular menstruation are liable.

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