Proctocele, Proctica Exania, Procidentia Ani, Exania, Prolapsus Intestini Recti, Archoptosis, Proctoptosis, Sedes Procidua, Falling- down of the Fundament, Prolapsion of the Anus, Coming down of the Body; Fr. The only remaining symptoms are debility and soreness of the mouth, which is also rapidly getting better. Ii would appear, too, to have been witnessed as secondary to some intestinal or cerebral disease. It has been argued, that they should be taken sparingly, especially when both kidneys are inflamed, in order that the inflamed organs may have as little secretory labour as possible. As is frequently the case when legislation handles a dirty subject, its officers became soiled. And the public men who are paid to attend to the welfare of the citizens, are held to no accountability either by the people or their own consciences, when they shamefully disregard their oaths of duty. Most of the substances that have been used as remedies depend upon their appeal to the imagination for the healing virtues they are believed to possess: When these chocolate-coloured matters are subjected to microscopic examination, they are found, according to Remak, to consist, for the most part, of yeast plants. I have repeated this position, the urine flows in clear jets, spurting out and often down the speculum. The case was a large tumor of two or three months standing, on the hack. At the ankle and tarsus, the inflamed parts must be absolutely protected from the weight of the body; not for an instant should a step be taken upon the diseased member. Young surgeons, especially, would be much profited by a careful study of this dissertation.

Vomiting, diarrhoea, and general derangement of health, succeeded, with great pain and some fullness in the prlvic region. Although strong enough to resist any pressure to which it may be subjected in situ, still it can be moulded by the hands of the physician, without the aid of tools, to adapt it to the peculiarities of the case. An inverted image of the fundus of the left eye will now be seen by the right in the mirror before it, as if it were situated in the rear of the With this instrument the virtual erect image may also be seen by removing the lens and approaching the eyes nearer the Other forms of the ophthalmoscope are sometimes employed. The next morning a messenger came for me in great haste, with the information that" Daniel was almost dead." I repaired immediately to the house, and found my little patient exhibiting the following symptoms. According to medieval belief the devils of disease were also prone to enter the mouths of human beings during sleep (

Ranney, of Iowa, expressed his opinion in regard to the importance of the whole subject of commitments, both to the general public, and to those in charge of insane institutions. There, then, would have remained" no vestige of a lung." As he admits no change to have taken place in the last" eleven days" of the disease, it is certainly equally fair to infer that none coidd have occurred during ihe Jirst six days ( In cases of'plastic bronchitis, mercury, given so as to affect the mouth, has been regarded It need scarcely be said, that the regimen should be that of other Synon.

Considerable increased lymph-stream toward the blood the leukocytes are soon considerably increased above their normal number. The vagina was then tamponed with iodoform "" gauze to maintain the position of the uterus. - the change was not so greatly felt in child-bearing, for form.

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