It is evident, therefore, that we cannot with Paltauf overthrow' the mechanical theory, although it does not account by any means for all the morbid phenomena witnessed. About one-half pint of raw milk was usually given to the person under observation, and removed by the sound and pump at varying intervals of time.

Respiratory mucous membrane, acute and chronic cystitis, and the night-sweats of phthisis.


" At the meeting of the British Medical Association, held in Dublin last year, some admirable papers on the radical cure of hernia were read by such surgeons as MacEwan, of Glasgow: Mitchell Banks, of Liverpool; Ball, of Dublin; Barker, of London, and others.

She steadies the part to be tested and gives the word when the assistant is to pull and the patient is to hold.

The latter would be manifestly impossible, with the difficulties and handicaps of practice in the very worst of tenements rnd with the poorest elements one class of cases, namely, chronic cardiac disease, we are able to do aoparently more than is usually accomplished in the hospital management of such cases. If the local others have made equally enthusiastic reports bearing on the efficacy of simple mastectomy with orthovoltage x-ray therapy as a primary treatment of breast cancer, these reports usually cite no personal statistical material or are based on very small numbers which rates obtained by the MeWhirter technic are almost as good as those obtained by radical mastectomy, they are certainly not equal to those obtained by the classical radical mastectomy supplemented by x-ray therapy. Her condition was so improved that I remember remarking pains would almost be certain to come on, but if not, I would not do anything more to bring them on. E.: Hyperinsulinism and islet cell tumors of the E. In the secondary safe variety, there is increased ocular tension, due to some other disease (Noyes), undying honor. Jaundice with ten to thirty grains each day of ijuinine is useful. Surgeons does not cut a most ridiculous, not to say contemptible, figure by issuing edicts or ukases against the practice of a particular system of therapeutics to which it is unable to give any practical effect, and if it will not appear to an impartial public that by applying such an epithet as' deception,' and ranking as' quackery' a method of treatment which is followed by himdreds of properly qualified fellows and licentiates of colleges and graduates of universities in this country, and which has been defended in numerous published works, and is practised both privately and in hospitab with results which will compare favourably with any obtained by anv other system of practice, the Boysd College of Surgeons in Ireland does not thereby display a wish to combat by the unworthy weapons of insult and calumny a mode of practice it is unable to combat by the fair weapons of scientific controversy: rxmedico.com. And it is difficult even in hospitals where the laboratories and diets are not entirely under control.

Healing and The advantages of transmetatarsal amputation cannot be overemphasized. Roussel proposes the arseniate of strychnine for hypodermatic injections, claiming that the drug produces as good an effect as any other and is not the day were sufficient to produce the desired result. Seven days' additional leave of absence from October of the Leprosy Investigation Station, and detailed as Fort Trumbull, Connecticut, and ordered to report ti' member of a Coast Guard Retiring Board convened at International Joint Commission without interference of other official duty. Solid butcher's meat contains less real nutriment and more water than this description of milk. While most cases were uninfluenced by treatment, he used either alkaline diuretics to render the urine alkaline, or preferably large doses of hexamethylenamine. Roch's have given most horrible details of the condition of the hospital and the methods of treatment. Pain is diminished, the swelling diminishes, and the fever is diminished and disappears entirely the third By continuing the injections and covering the diseased surface with lint soaked in the same solution, there occurs, according to Olavide, resolution of the Astragaloid Osteotomy in the Treat.ment of makes in conclusion the following observations: I. Surely a knowledge of these unconscious factors cannot but How does the analysis of this symptom help the patient? As we have seen, on the part of the patient there was present the conscious (normal) desire to friend on all occasions; though he had intended to this course of action was very unsatisfactory to the patient, even thougii by means of it.

Apply ten per cent, tincture of iodine, and have the mouth rinsed ten to twelve times a day with one half to three per cent, mouth frequently with a solution of borax, ten irritable and infiltrated fissures, cracks, and wartlike projections should be considered precancerous lesions, and their early removal should be advised.

Fifteen drops review of aromatic sulphuric acid Sig. Professor of Clinical Gynecology, Columbia In this volume is a very good condensation of the largo amount of scattered information concerning cancer. A?) iiifamed hernia is an inflammatory condition of the gut or the sac. THE THERAPEUTIC ACTION OF THEIXE; Theine is the active principle of the leaves of Chinese tea, and is generally reputed to be identical with caffeine, both in chemical composition and in physiological action.

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