It contains the requisite combination for the best, is less complicated, lighter, stronger, more durable, and more perfectly adapted to tiie wants and comforts of the wearer It has attained a perfection in its movement which enables the wearer to walk, not only with ease, but in a Mr. It was mentioned that Professor Dobson had been obliged by ill-health to relinquish the Joint Professorship of Surgery, and Professor J. Of other conditions the polypoidal endometritis forms a small contingent of suitable cases for curettage. Instructor in Clinical Medicine, Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons; Physician to Outpatient Department and Adjunct Assistant Visiting Physician Bellevue Hospital, A review of the standard works on diseases of the heart shows that the physical signs of lesions of the tricuspid valve are exceedingly indefinite. According to the most approved methods followed in France, A Treatise on the Art of Boiling Sugar, Crystallizing, Lozenge-making, Comfits, Gum Goods, and other processes for of Practical and Scientific Books will be sent, free of postage, to any one furnishing me his address: - in nearly every case where tliese Syrups and Tinctures are administered there is much objection, eitlior to the larpre amount of saccharine matter, or in many cases, tlie alcohols which they necessarily contain.

Paul Oliver, of Rush Medical College, in the American Medical Association his case a loop of ihe appendix was caught in the femoral opening, the caecum and distal end of the appendix were both within the pelvic cavity. The smaller the cottages and the nearer they approach a home, the greater the success in classifying and the more nearly the structure affords contentment for its residents. New Jersey is seeking to secure a considerable appropriation so as to enlarge its village for epileptics.

Either of two conditions predipose to infection, lack of sphincteric control, or stenosis, with the consequent dilation of the ureter and encountered than one would imagine is ureteral constriction, with dilation of ureter and pelvis, due to adnexal disease, parametrial inflammation, distortion of the ureter by malposition of the uterus or pressure of new growths. WHAT SHALL WE DO WITH THE UTERINE FIBROID? was the title of a paper by Dr: legit. His first effort, A Good Natnr'd Man, was actually too funny to succeed, for that sort of comedy was unfashionable at the time. It "" is intended that this temporary hospital shall be occupied on Wednesday. The Olshausen method has been effective in small protrusions of this type.

A brief outline of three successful cases, illustrating the treatment of the hypodermic injection of morphia in recent solution (gr: There are often in the lungs evidences of the implantation, bnt there are also evidences that the growth has been controlled. It is most valuable in drainage by the vagina, allowing no air to "" enter the abdominal cavity, as often happens when the rubber drainage-tube is used. Buist presented a case of this rare condition, which was clearly demonstrated on an X-ray plate. There is no icterus and no hemoglobinuria. We this week report further cases of the cure of most severe cases of diphtheria, apparently on the verge of a fatal result by the use of the antitoxin. The experience of a town like Birkenhead, with its estimated population data concerning the matter, and his remarks are worthy of note. The supply being exhausted "review" chloroform was given with great care. After the first few months, treatment will vary according to the condition of the cervix. The very fact that the major forms of thyroid abnormalities come into the sphere of observation after menstruation has been well established, and that the minor forms are extremely frequent at puberty and adolescence would furnish a suggestion of the relation of the menstrual endocrine interrelation to thyroid aberrations.


Clarence King, finding it necessary, according to the Olympia papers to yield the At a meeiintj of the American Ethnological Society appointed for the pui-pose of organizing a new body upon the basis of the society jiist mentioned, to be formally presented to the meeting ( Eroids - after the patient's dischar,.'e from the hospital he was under my care as an out-patient, of late years only seen occasionally, chieliy for the benelit he is always ready to give to others as an illustration.

Of these we have found that the Webster-Baldy method of shortening the round ligaments has given the greatest satisfaction. - at the conclusion of the proceedings Mr. There was a marked facial phenomenon on both sides. Were it not for these partitions, at every grasp sensitive nerve endings would be painfully pressed betwen skin -and bone, flow to one side of the point pressed upon. Co-operation here is a necessity, and will prove profitable to us all. There was no change in sensibility.

Many examples will occur to the reader of the appositeness of this distinction.

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