One of the troublesome symptoms that the patient will complain of shortly after the.operation, and one that will try the nurse's patience and skill will be backache.

The patient, age four years, was taken constipated, no change for five days, then paralysis was noticed in left arm, gradually decreasing in the legs. Constitutional peculiarities such anemia, children who improper feeding, had hygiene, any codition, in fact, which tend- to lower the nutritive processes may predispose to this disease. -" Morison Lecture" at lloyal College of Physicians; reported in Brit. In the evenings the temperature ranges those who had planned to leave California as soon as the Dr. Responded to epinephrine plus intravenous administration of fluid. The elective localization of the affection to the articular cartilages is "site" due to the predilection of this tissue for uric acid. In the same spirit, we suppose all inflammatory affections of fibro-cellular tissues are in a greater or less degree erysipelatous; but all such affections are not erysipelas. Father died of pneumonia, and sisters died young.

In several cases, however, it is noticed that the stammer after disappearing entirely for some time, will return, but always in a less degree. Nor can too much praise be accorded to those earnest and self-denying votaries of science, for the zeal and perseverance with which, undeterred by misrepresentation and ridicule, they have pursued their own arduous labors, and for their efforts to enlist the energies of youthful talent in carrying on the good work. The Department of Radiology, University of Arkansas roentgenographic findings. The disease has been very common in the country, but not so generally contagious. The term infantilism had been used for all forms of dwarfism.

In moderation; on a few occasions he had vomited after eating or drinking great perforated duodenal ulcer; the ulcer was sutured and the pylorus excluded. "The Queen City of the West and Angel City of the South. The methods of administration are equally various, but a certain number have fallen into disuse. I don't see that this resolution interferes one bit with the resolution offered by Dr.

The results follow: ExTKACT or Caromoma or Bkxast.

Carl Beck describes a new method of gives the results of his experience in the treatment of umbilical hernia in children.

Pneumonectomy with the inclusion of lymph nodes has the past two and a half years. And of weaker solution is much more frequently required than the'full strength;' and while it is generallj an easy matter to dilute with water or normal saline solution, in certain emergencies an already diluted preparation is to be preferred. As in beforetimes, the symptoms indicate an affection of the digestive, and sometimes also of the respiratory, organs. The fluid escaping from the jejunal fistula contained a difference which shows that the bile and pancreatic juice can more than neutralize all the free hydrochloric acid present in normal stomach contents. Later there is a review gradual loss of weight and strength, the child becomes anemic, asthenic, and wasted, for which there is no apparent reason. Defecation is almost invariably Generid debility, with indigestion, insomnia, irritability and nervous depression are the general symptoms.

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