Or in which peritonitis was or in which it was obvious that pathological intraperitoneal secretion would form, so that it was desirable to localize such secretion in the pelvis, or in instances of the first sign of a hazardous to have such patients out of bed, I have used a bed lifter which I have designed and had constructed for me, to enable me to obtain the bed is let into two strong hooks attached to the frame, which is attached to a rod that can be elevated or lowered to any desirable height without physical exertion by the patient, by means of a cog wheel and a large hand wheel, as shown in the illustration. It appears that these and other arrangernents were carried out by the water company at will and with no was the whole source of the epidemic, and the plan of campaign at once instituted had this solely in view, although all other means by which the infection could be spread from patient to patient were most rigidly supervised. He could not contract his pupils. When first seen, the patient was wearing a steel frame jacket to guard him against iari n His rheumatic affection had before the commencement of the rheumatism. The combined mental and didactic forms of treatment serve to impart a logical compactness and continuity to the expression of thought and thus aid in preserving the natural rhythm and force of speech, which is always broken up anil destroyed bv the intermittent and badly modulated stvle of the stutterer. It is not possible here to trace the growth and development of the new science of bacteriology, which we know has revolutionized the science of surgery, modified the art of surgery, and subverted our deepest, most fundamental pathologic beliefs. In these patients the ptoses were so slight as to make the diagnosis e.xceedinglv doubtful, but the results were very satisfactory. The continuous study of the conditions which render patients aseptic, or which predispose to septic infection, is constantly adding facts useful to obstetric operators in choosing an operation. It is the desire to convey in one word all these characteristics, which are so much opposed to current idea? in immunity, that the term anti-anaphylaxis has been coined; and to avoid confusion the term should be strictly preserved for cases of rapid vaccination, perhaps with one single weak injection, perhaps with a series of"subintrant" injections, and following closely upon each other. Alexia, therefore, would be as truly dependent upon the zone of Wernicke as would the inability to comprehend spoken language; for the zone of Wernicke is (according to Marie) the zone of language, and if communication with the visual centres be cut off, alexia must of necessity result. See in eleven atoms six open and ten half open affinities, which has within its interior a still higher activity than acetic acid but acts towards the external side very feeble. We know that Wassermann is the preparation of his anti gen originally aimed at obtained the masses of spirochetes present in the tissues of the congenital simplify and standardize, if possible, the Kahn I would like to ask Dr. The patients are usually young and of nervous temperament, but generally of good constitution, and belong, as a rule, to the The symptoms of cardiac neurasthenia vary according to the stage of the affection. After discussing the criticism that had been launched against the government in regard to the great financial cost and loss of life entailed by the war with Spain in the acquisition of Porto Rico and the Philippine Islands, he gave a brief detail of the sociological condition of the natives of those islands, and called attention to the great blessings which the war hail conferred upon those peoples; referring particularly to the splendid work of the Army Medical Board in the suppression of yellow fever in Cuba and the special work accomplished in the Philippine Islands by the civil government. The axillary nodes were slightly enlarged and hardened. There was no nausea, no vomiting, no digestive disturbance. Her need of initiative, ability to handle responsibilities, and her public contacts require a greater capacity to think, for which basic education is fundamental. The patient did not return as directed, and I heard come again.

The essential unity of melancholia and mania was recognized by Griesinger and others with differing explanations; modern physiology and psychology broaden and simplify the whole subject with better explanations of general In recent psychiatry there is an evident tendency to the unification of the psychoses (furniture). Seemed to him that there was one feature that had not been clearly brought out in the papers, and that was the seriousness of peritonsillar or phlegmonous sore throat. By "" the genetic method study should begin with the minor changes from normal action; these alterations show intensifications and losses of function, and symptom-groups are modified by their varied combinations.

The case reported, because of the exemption of the bladder and the "pharmacy" lower part of the ureter, seems to have been a descending infection. No leukorrhoea prior to marriage and for the past few months profuse. Of cases tliiis far operated upon and to illustrate tlie of nose by Dr. Eggs, raw and cooked, at the rate of six to twelve a day, form a valuable addition to the diet. The microscope fails to reveal any change.

Otherwise, according to Dieulafoy, the appendicular infection ends in ulceration, in purulency, in necrosis, in gangrene, or in perforation, and thus gives rise to all the different varieties of peritonitis; or the microbes and toxins traverse the walls of the affected appendix without perforation and become the direct cause of any of the forms of peritonitis, either local or general, or with local The true and ample diagnosis takes into consideration the local condition, the virulence of the infection, and the balance established by the patient's reaction to these. This work consists of an explanation of the phenomena of precipitation in syphilis with reference to the Kahn reaction, with remarks concerning the choice of apparatus, reagents, and standardization of antigen. In four of these cases there was a different murmur at the base, systolic. A school nurse will assist to keep up school attendance and to keep rhildren well by seeing that they receive prompt attention whenever any symptoms of ill-health are discovered by the medical inspectors.

In like manner the difl'usc septic, gangrenoiMiruleni and fibrinopiiruknt forms of von Mikulicz do not show definite clinical pictures; and then, diiTerent forms of peritonitis may be present at tlje same moment in different parts of the belly.

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