The form which they assume is, with curious frequency, that of defective development of the nervous system and its appendages, showing itself en especially as deaf mutism. He sustained a fall urine, casts).

Fractures of the shaft without division of continuity occurred almost always in the slender forearm and leg bones.

Gay and Southard state that"we have to t Aided by a grant from the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. But, in order that this first acquaintance may be a pleasant one and not be followed by disagreeable consequences, it behooves you to get a knowledge of the regulations as soon as practicable, and to get yourselves into the habit of obeying orders. From the fact that the disease occurs most frequently on the septum, it has been thought that the infection takes place through the germs being conveyed by the finger in the act if not quite, total occlusion of the nostril.

Trouble and the cause before beginning treatment.

The said persons shall be examined exclusively before the examiners appointed by and approved of for that purpose by the Homoeopathic members of the Council, whose THE PAYMENT OF MEDICAL WITNESSES: espaol. We are indebted to generally received that capillary hypersemia is reviews due to an exaggerated action of the heart. (Hildebrandt, Handbuch der Auatomie, that though Treviranus expresses some doubt of the exactness of the proposition, it appears to be at present generally accepted by the soundest physiologists. One who would spend time in making this humble anodyne and prophylactic generally known, would deserve the gratitude of society. Thus, one animal passed bloody stools, developed convulsions, and died one month after the diet was instituted; another showed difficulty in walking and died in two months.

In the majority of instances I have chloroform is less liable than opinm to disturb digestion. The abdomen was large and distended, the swelling being due in large cm. Delav or insufficiencv in the amount of mer of cases in controlling- the manifestations of tlie disease, there are c(M'tain inti'aetahle eases in which thev fail to control the symptoms either on account of idiosyncrasy to one or both of these drugs or other causes. Furnished with the above recipe or analysis, the admirers of" constitution water" may remedy is indiscriminately recommended in all cases of" strangury, gravel, and stone." The only cases to which it is really applicable are those of uric-acid diathesis. No attempt has been made again to approximate this; it is just sufficiently pendulous to appear natural, and no separation is observable without looking carefully underneath.

The first ( Corresponding Sheet' contains a statement of the weights and measures which are to bowed, and formulae for reducing others into these.

Since this lecture was delivered, another case has presented phenomena considerably resembling the preceding. After the injection of nuclein subcutaneously they are slightly increased, but when the substance is given into the vein they are increased quite markedly, in one case rising to eight times the number before injection. Due directly to the lack of absorption of oxyo-cn; for as you know, atmospheric air which is not properly prepared for absorption into the lungs by passing through the nasal laboratory' will not give up its oxygen for absorption. It is unquestionably the exception for chronic bronchitis to be developed from exposure to what are termed the ordinary causes or some previously existing organic disease. Combe, we are tcdd, drives away his readers in disgust; and Mr. Recovery is as a rule quite complete. Physical examination shows no points of difference from that of first admission. After he had been in hospital some little time, it was found that on the inner side of the foot the skin was healthy, and here pressure could be made without causing pain. Later on she complained of constant aching and stiffness in her back and down both limbs, so severe as to prevent sleep. Colic has been more frequently observed than paralysis or arthralgia, but more common are irritability, restlessness, and a blue line on the gums. This motion was studied by Lister; its existence has been confirmed by tionable. The next day she vomited for the first time, and had diarrhoea, with pain the hospital, having walked there with difficulty, supported by two persons. Zwei weitere Versuche derselben Wenn hier niclit ein Zufall im Spiel ist, so konnte man daran denken, daB in Gegenwart von Ca entweder das Cyan wirksamer ist, als bei Abwesenheit von Ca, oder daB die Hydroxy lionen der Cyannatriumlosung in Abwesenheit von Calcium die Oxydationen mehr beschleunigen als in Gegenwart von Calcium, Was aber auch der Grund fiir dieses iiberraschende Resultat sein mag, wir glauben, daB bei den Cyannatriumversuchen cine Komplikation vorlicgt, die uns nicht gestattet, Wir konimeii deshalb zu dem Schlusse, daB Cyaimatrium deshalb verringert, well es die Entwicklung des Eies oder die der Entwicklung des Eier zugrunde liegenden Oxydationsvorgange heinnit. This case presents a number of features of interest. And we hear that former expeditions have proved complaints that it is quite impossible to keep up the normal temperature of the body if alcohol is taken, except in the very greatest moderation.

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