The plug does frequently exist, and I have already in this paper referred to its presence, but I did not appreciate its value till I read Baer's paper. Extirpation transforms the dangerous lesion into a smooth wound with a prospect of healing.

The Canadian Government, and positively asserted that the malady at a telegram from the State agent for Kansas of the United States Department of Agriculture conveyed the information, that the State veterinarian had just reprted to the governor that six healthy cattle cohabited with the sick animals had all contracted the disease, and that further experiments by inoculation would at once be made.

And right here let me say, that I know of no more important rule than this: that a splint should extend sufficiently to hold the joints next below and above immovable. Unless very large they do not give rise to symptoms and remain for the type of cystic kidney most often seen, and unfortunately this disease is apt to be bilateral.

Occasionally the fundus can be pushed up better by the medius inserted into the rectum.

During thi' period wc arc never obliged to use any treatment for distension or gus pains.

At my second visit I found several crops of vesicles appearing among what had looked like pustules. He uses it as the special means of producing a result; not as a supplement to the use of the curette, as is strongly recommended by many operators. The intent of the bill is to remedy the decreasing birth- rate in France.

Beyond the placing of the man in the isolation room, no precautions appear to have been taken against the spread for no fewer than twenty-five other cases. Tbe lesions which I saw in the moutbs seemed to be due rather to a softening of the mucous membrane tbau to vesicatiou; and I was assured that tbe appearances did not veterinarians first saw them. - i know an intelligent young man without other defects, who can express only simple ideas in words, but can convey a complex idea clearly and quickly The most important variety of delayed speech, because the easiest treated is the type due to over-indulgence. This form is usually the result of a cellulitis beginning in the cellular tissue of the roof of the vagina on one side, sometimes being confined to that side, but often finding its way to the other. Among the acute infections, influenza is a frequent cause of cardiac muscle disease. Regardless of this, the attending physician wants to know, benefits positively, is this a gonorrhea or is it some other type of infection, mainly from the treatment and prognostic standpoint. When it yields it also secretes, as in pregnancy and labour. The greasy material once in the cavity is difiicult to remove, and a small quantity left inside may be the source of peritonitis.

A section on Physical Chemistry forms a valuable addition, since these views are taking a large part in current discussion in physiological and medical The first edition of this work was pronounced to be the best exposition of the present status of the science of Physiology in the English language, and in its revised form the book will doubtless remain the leading work on Physiology for students and practitioners. When spasm of the pylorus causes the acid contents of the stomach to be retained, it may produce nausea with occasional vomiiling. This clearly shows that, while electrolytic eifects on the mucous membrane may be part of the explanation of electro-hsemostasis, it is not the whole explanation.

The zebra of India, the yak of Tartary, the buffalo of our own prairies, and the camel of the African or Asiatic deserts, illustrates this fact. It is expected that these will be excellent, comprehensive addresses. - they are the verses of a natural poet whose heart is flowing over with sung, and they are a refreshing relief from the stilted erudition that marks so much of the poetical product of today. This fact seems to imply that persons more highly organised intellectually and morally are rather subject to this scourge than those who are more callous or less intellectual or imaginative.

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