Ignorance is the mighty incubus which retards the advancement of all progressive movements. The main indications for medicinal treatment are to correct the subacidity and to relieve the flatulence and constipation. Promotion - a stinking gangrenous abscess cavity was found deep seated in the right iliac fossa. This injury was followed by very profuse haemorrhage, with extensive infiltration of blood in the anterior and lateral walls of the thorax on the left side. We have to deal with vice and superstition among the negroes; poverty, igiiorance and indifference in a great portion of the tenant white class; and carelessness and selfishness on the part of many well-to-do people.

Held a very interesting meeting m Mobile, The graduating exercises of the Atlanta one. If on post mortem examination some other form of perforation be found, as, for instance, a circular orifice, such condition, Kunz states, is the result of changes that have taken place after the injury, either before or subsequently to death. The same experiment was tried with the organisms found in the pus of pyaemic and other wounds, but these never behaved in a like manner; so that the mode of growth of the micrococcus was found to be characteristic. A child fed on normal casein, but with a low portion of fat, will probably be constipated (code). Usually this affects only the tips of the fingers and toes, or of the ears, but the whole of the fingers or even the whole hand may slough off.

The last year will go down in the history of the Board as marking the period of its greatest differentiation and organization. Bacon was on the staffs of the Woman's Medical College Hospital, Woman's Hospital in West Philadelphia, and Philadelphia General Hospital.

The galleries are intended for the use of patients in the winter season. In coupon almost a week or so, both the abscess and sinus healed. Virchow and Birch-Hirschfeld also recognized the value of the broadening discipline and the new lights to be derived from the study of the diseases of animals. He commanded the hospital ship Relief on its cruise around the world, with the battleship fleet. The patient had not passed any urine since the accident. These are examples of the subjects that would be in the syllabus. Bellet gave regular lectures and clinics. It contains also some alkalies which help to neutralize the acid from the stomach, and some substances in which soaps and the fats are dissolved, and which aid much in the absorption of fat in the intestine.

Germs of tuberculosis" is to say that as soon as the germs of tuberculosis enter and remain, as they often do, the system becomes unhealthy.

The treatment in the second class was that indicated in the cases reported, namely, thorough drainage and thorough cleansing from below. The Lesar Treatment ol Spastic Paralysis by ean section was done as soon as it became Section of Posterior Nerve-Roots. These are the primary lesions. Patients should refrain from seeking health at high elevations who suffer from any of the following diseases: I, diseases of the heart or large vessels; and prostate; persons advanced in years should not visit the mountains, unless their circulation be It is hoped, by the promoters of the new establishment at Maloja, that the discovery of a strong iron spring will prove useful. Patient continued in a delirious condition acid reaction, specific gravity varying from and an occasional hyaline cast. Histologically, it was a mixed-celled sarcoma.

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