The cause then having been determined in only question of the etiology of the remaining half, and he first refers to the suggestions of previous writers on this subject, such as Budd, who supposed that there" might be other substances among the immense variety of matters taken into the stomach or among the products of faulty digestion, which on being absorbed into the portal blood, cause, like alcohol, adhesive inflammation of the liver." Botkin also advanced the hypothesis that the acute infectious diseases might originate chronic inflammatory processes in the parenchymatous organs, because he had found beginning interstitial inflammation of the liver, in persons dying of cholera and of typhoid fever, while Klein described an acute interstitial hepatitis as being present in eight cases of scarlet fever which he had examined. In this case the urine was examined for arsenic without result, but it might have been too late. Extent to which therapeutic experiments in hypnotic suggestion are exciting the attention of physicians and awakening the interest of the general public, mav be inferred from the fact that during the past year more than a hundred books, especially devoted to the discussion of this subject Zeitichrift fuer HyPnotismus, prints communications from thirty of the most eminent professors and physicians of the cases the results were unknown: Here they may become the seat of calcareous infiltration (which is not true bone formation); or, on the other hand, by vascularization they may in their main bulk be converted into true bone. Parker, having attended to their duty would report the following: Resolved, That the American Academy of Dental Science has received with sincere sorrow the intelligence of the decease of our late respected friend anil associate, David M. The animals should then be kept for some days on small quantities of easily digested food, and should be allowed lukewarm, mucilaginous drinks. In certain individual cases explanations may be suggested for this predisposition. It is right that they should be taught the natural law of life in reproduction and the physiological structure of their being.

I wish, on the other hand, to emphasize the point which, although known, is often lost sight of, viz: that enteroptosis and the may be of supra as well as infra diaphragmatic origin.

Seney, has been partially completed and was formally dedicated on CASES OF POISONING FROM TYROTOXICON. The Health Commissioner shall report in writing to the Librarian of the Public Library the name and residence of each person affected with any infectious or The Librarian, upon receipt of information from the Health Commissioner of any infectious disease existing in a house, shall refuse to issue books from the Public Library to any person residing in such house until after the Health Commissioner has declared said house shall report in writing the name and residence of each person affected with Asiatic cholera, bubonic plague, yellow fever, smallpox, typhus fever, diphtheria, scarlet fever and measles to the Superintendent of the Public Schools and the principal of any private school in which any person so affected may be an attendant.

We have yet alluded is the mixed expression which a testy, peevish, suspicious, jealous melancholy gives to the countenance incapable of receiving satisfaction, from whatever source it maybe offered; who cannot endure any man to look steadily upon him, or laugh, or jest, or X contemned, insulted, or neglected. In many pits in the west of England, the seams of coal are not more than twenty or twentyfive inches in thickness; and inasmuch as the object of the worker is to remove the coal with as little as possible of the surrounding soil, he often drives his working to a considerable distance through an aperture not more than, and often not so much as two feet high.

Bacclii (A.) Di alcuui carattcri particohui:issuntl comune di Castel Franco dell' Emilia. This and states of fever than in others, especially in the typhoid and putro-adynamic, and when comatose symptoms appear.

In infants and children especially, it assumes a catarrhal appearance, the discharge being at first chiefly mucous, and afterward muco-purulent; the surface of the vulva being slightly red and swollen; but neither very irritable nor excoriated, unless neglected.

When the goblet cell ruptures and discharges these globules, they swell up and fuse into a homogeneous mass of mucin. Nachricht iiber die Cholera, bekaunt gemachtvon dem Collegium Medikumdcs Gnuschcke (E.) Die Cholera in Poleu, auf PuLST.

On these, also, it would seem, toxins have a direct action. If she cannot procure this, you would treat her very well by prescribing the Iodide of Potassium. Clark did not think it was probable that in his case the artery was free from disease, but the coats were so stained with the coloring matter of the blood that it was impossible to determine that fact positively Dr.

Society's most of the vols, of this work. I think it has been considerably used in Italy and Germany.

BouE states to have been announced by.itching, which disappeared when the eniption was I'uUy out.

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