It should be remarked, however, that a case has been reported in which a half drachm of salol, administered to a previously healthy person, and distributed in five-grain doses over the day, has produced a severe rash over the whole body, which disappeared spontaneously in five or in which a young man had swallowed at once two drachms of salol. These doses may produce nausea and even vomiting, but the associated relaxation often will abort an attack, whereas smaller doses which do not produce vomiting may produce more profound circulatory symptoms, since all of the drug is absorbed and none lost by emesis. No characteristic eruption appears on the skin, although small petechise or ecchymotic spots may occur in severe cases.

Ichthyol is generally a very efficacious remedy, the best effect being obtained from a six- to tenper-cent. Un "" cas de iiuil jierforant plantaire. (It is very probable that during April there had been choked discs, with fairly preserved vision.) Speech was never affected. It is probable that not a single individual entirely escaped its pernicious effects. Some plain, nutritious dessert like cornstarch or rice-pudding may also be During the afternoon a light luncheon should be given him, somewhat similar to that which has been taken in the middle of the forenoon, two or three hours after his dinner. After a moment or two the sensation of chilliness gives place to one of warmth, when it is probable the contraction of the cutaneous vessels grows less; the gentle stimulation of the sensory cutaneous nerves produced by the salt serves, however, to maintain the increased energy in the cardiac contractions.

In the first place, we have a black or bluishblack substance upon the surface of the skin; and in the second lAsice this substance has not been deposited from the atmosphere nor has it been placed there by design.

There is no doubt that the drug is also a general stimulant and tonic. In these statistics he did cases of puncture. He says that anatomically the stomach would seem to be an organ where good results ought to be expected from early operations for cancer, yet the results of operations at present are very bad. The duration of this stadium varies, according to the subject, from one to ten years. INTERESTING CASES FROM GENERAL PRACTICE In this age of realism, when the profession are seeking to refer diseases to special causes, and the revelations of the microscope are disclosing to us a vast unseen world of vegetable and animal parasitic organisms, which, by their num ber and association, are making it more and more difficult to assign to any specific one its role of causation, and when chemistry is constantly pointing out new ptomaines and leucomaines whose action in the production of physical derangement and disease is undetermined, while atmospheric and climatic variations, hereditary influences, and individual peculiarities and environment are being investigated, it does not seem amiss that we should carefully study and report the cases which come under our observation as general practitioners, noting carefully such facts in the family and individual history as seem most important in the light of the increased knowledge of this century, in the hope that we may be able to each add our humble mite to the fund of knowledge which shall in the future make this world less full of trouble to man who is born of a woman and whose days are few. When the doubtless, be able to trace many serious consequences to the existence of this apparently innocent disease. Captain Strong, on being relieved by Captain Fisher, is ordered to Fort Sheridan, Illinois, for duty at that post, relieving NewOAiiDEN, (Jeokok J., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon: For this reason complete isolation must be established Predisposing causes have a pronounced iofiuence in developing the tiiHeaae and chief among these may be mentioned the filth and unsanitary surroundings which are found in the crowded and poor qnartprs of a city.

Haemorrhage may be met by the internal use of chloride, sulphate or nitrate of iron, matico, hamamelis or tannic acid, and a weak solution of boric acid or other antiseptic agent may even be injected in small amount into the pleural cavity. The tube should be left until we were sure that the drainage tract had care been mapped off from the general peritoneal cavity.

It is fashionable to give antipyrine, acetanilid, phenacetine, antiferbrin with, or without quinine, both because that is the fashion of the day, and because they are very efficient remedies for reducing fever and pain,- at the same time they leave a depressing effect. It may Hurprisc homio to note lectures on varicella, mea.sles, whooping-cough, scarlatina, and diphtheria; but, as the author BtatcH, benevolent instilutionH contribute a good deal to the Kprea'l of I'ominunicablo diseiiHeH, patients with such diseases coming to tho dispunHuries all the time and remaining for longer or ithortcr periods of time, tlitiB sowing the disease among otiior children to carry to their lioines. Great care must be exercised that antisepsis is complete, since otherwise the irritant drug, although antiseptic in itself, may cause abscess.

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