If, then, the suspicion is correct that the meningococcus is a pneumococcus of lowered virulence, then one would expect to find endocarditis more common as a complication of the epidemic meningitis than it is in pneumonia in the young. These are frequently very intricate, and show many types of lesions This confusion has in the last few years stimulated considerable investigation on the part of men interested in this branch of medicine. Lathrope, the Chairman, called on each representative present for a general discussion (linkedin). Baker's very excellent paper, with lantern login slide demonstrations, will be in order after the other papers have been presented. Some of the old men constantly smoke pipes, which also is a source of irritation and may make the mouth so sore as to present them from taking sufficient food to properly nourish their bodies. We were the first in Pittsburgh to treat cancer with a betatron. This" negative impulse" is caused by the shrinkage of heart in the air-tight chest as it empties itself, being followed inward by the lungs and to a small extent by the soft pariA of the chest wall under the pressure of the atmosphere. Bodies are employed, the proximity of the stone to the anterior or posterior wall can be shown. In acute conditions, cold irrigation and cold compresses; slight massage and a pressure bandage; shorten the toe and shoe with high heel calks and no toe calk. Accept female applications at the same rate as male applications, provided the beneficiary has a clear insurable New England Mutual Life Insurance Co., Boston, Mass. Here then is the economic argument for the efficient treatment of disease which requires not only that the best therapeutic measures be supplied, but that they be applied under conditions which are most favorable. The internal face presents in its upper one-third the superior orifice of the mandibular canal which runs down under the molar teeth, between the two plates of the bone, to the mental foramen; in its inferior two-thirds the internal face is smooth. Vibert directs the pieces of limg to be squeezed as forcibly as possible between thumb and finger under water; he lays great stress upon the fine bubbles which rise, not larger than pinheads, in a sort of fine foam. Hutchinson's teeth, cranial bone disease, and corneal opacities are suggestive rather than conclusive for the diagnosis. However," neurasthenia" possibly expresses the condition letter than any other, and as it is established in medical literature we shall- not get rid of it tnie to such a degree that many medical men deny its existence as a separate tiouble; but symptomatology and pathology both point in the same direction, showing a well-marked clinical picture. Physical examination of the lungs showed normal percussion and respiration sounds, and no rales could Fenger, Total Extirpation of the Uterus, rested well the remainder of the night, has no pain, partakes freely of champagne, beer, beef-tea, and coffee. While some of them evidently acquired their circular outlines and garland-like configuration as the result of the involution of the central portions of some of the larger, solid plaques, others appeared to form segments of circles, arising independently. Until some such investigation has resulted, if it ever results, in therapeutic indications, it is on the shoulders of preventive medicine that the task of reducing this discomfort and economic loss must be prophylaxis, authorities seem fairly well agreed that much can be done in persons liable to take cold by the correction of certain recognized predisposing causes. Gardner also thought that the ovary should have been removed.

Martin read his paper and exhibited a President McBride: These very excellent papers are now open for discussion. I removed both ovaries, tying the pedicles, and the patient made an easy and rapid recovery.

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