For the same reason living tissues to which the nitrate has been applied soon turn black. The body was that of a moderately well developed surface was smooth, grayish white and translucent. It is said to be a stimulating diaphoretic, but probably is not more so than most aromatics, or essential oils, when given in hot" teas." It is, however, of an agreeable flavor, and for this quality it is freely used i utt) is used rarely as an eye-wash, or as a gargle or demulcent drink for pharyngitis. After the third or fourth day, under conditions of constantly increasing fever and general distress, in some cases, diphtheritic exudation begins to show itself over the tonsils and soft palate, and posterior wall of the pharynx. However, when the tumor has undergone degeneration causing pain and fever, myomctomy may be required at the time. In fact, the subject has been so little scrutinized by physicians, that it presents the remarkable anomaly of the existence of an ailment almost without a medical bibliography, the two hundred or more references to this subject consisting chiefly of a few theses or inaugural dissertations and short journal articles. The bone is mostly rarefied and there may be tender places, or yielding areas which are more important than tender ones. One clinical conference, one lecture, two visits in the hospital wards, and two public operating days each week. It seldom or never, however, brings about a complete cure, and of late years we have been so much accustomed to reinforce it by efficient local measures that it is not always easy to estimate the proportion of our indebtedness to it.

National Can-cer Institute is engaged in experimental cancer research. Our homoeopathic journals like other medical journals contain much matter unworthy of publication, but we may glean much valuable information from some of the contributions, information which can be found nowhere else.

The disease should be treated on general principles; the patient, not the disease should be treated.

The life of a motor truck is short, and I find that in moving merchandise in mixed quantities over short hauls I can do it more cheaply and expeditiously than I can by using motor trucks." The largest coal dealer in Detroit has returned to the horsedrawn vehicle. Opium coma is characterized at first by slow onset, slow respiration, slow, hard pulse, flushed skin, great contraction of the pupils, opium in the urine or stomach washings, and absence of convulsions and focal symptoms; later there are Cheyne-Stokes respiration, rapid pulse, clammy cyanotic skin and dilated pupils.

Next, that most cases of cancer, though sometimes strongly hereditary, are nevertheless in the great majority of cases not transmitted at all.

Proper medical treatment; this is especially true of fresh ulcers.

The present quarters on Blossom Street have become quite insufficient. This point has an important bearing on the question which naturally arose. To apply ice or ice water suddenly reduces the local temperature when by a law of compensation, reaction takes place and the heat and fever which follow immediately run to a high pitch. It is a great advantage to have a natural skeleton somewhat flexible. Kansas City ranks next to Chicago as a meat purchasing centre for the army, and probably, during his service as much as fifty milHon pounds of meats passed through his hands, representing milHons of dollars of money from the subsistence appropriations for the army.

During his professorship he was engaged in active practice in Boston. - the convulsive action continued for from two to five hours, and was followed by somnolence, stupor and troubled respiration, which were the last symptoms noted before death.

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