One could do much by the medical treatment of these cases. The last, however, was complicated by a meningeal involvement from which he N. The peritoneum covers the superior surface of the bladder and extends for a variable distance over the anterior surface; that part of the anterior surface which is not covered by peritoneum is called the prevesical space of Retzius. German physicians have been experimenting for five years with a drug which causes the mother to become semi-unconscious, to feel no pain, and yet to assist in the birth of the child. A pale cicatrix, with hyperpigmented margins, is left. In chronic cases plaques of hyperkeratosis may develop, especially on the exterior regions of the arms and the elbows. As regards drugs, Still's mixture is often found useful: Occasionally silver nitrate is valuable when the diarrhoea is very marked, Bismuth preparations are practically useless, but tannalbin has at times a The current literature may be found in the Bulletin for Tropical Diseases. In suitable temperature and moisture for the development of the parasites.

It is also given in some chronic cutaneous affections attended with troublesome itching; ExtcrnaUyy the strong acid is used alone, carefully applied, Sulphuricum). As for hereditary tendencies to cancerous growths, may the part played by heredity in cancer not lie in transmitting to the offspring an antipathy to To the honest sceptic who quite properly characterizes these reflections and suggestions as merely theorizing, the assurance may be extended that, theory though this may be, it is a theory susceptible of indisputable proof. According to Van Helmont, an atrophy of the organ of imagination.

It must be reduced and kept in position by a truss. Glan'dulm myrtifor'mes, (F.) Caroncules myrtiformes. Up to that time, except for certain established customs, there is no real reason why girls and boys should not take part in the same games and studies.

One hundred and fifty new wood-cata Tbtfl It a work which has been looked for on both tea Hargeoa of large aad varied experlenee, aadoee or the beat known, and perhaps the mOKt brlUtanl writer apon sarglcal sabjeots In Bnglaad. Although the day was warm, little or no water was drunk. The master that has instructed me in the art I will esteem as my parent, and supply, as occasion may require, with the comforts or necessaries of life.

ARNOTT'S DILATOR, see Dilator, Arnott's.

There are various kinds of aneurism.

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