The change in the milk is probably in the proteids, toxic nitrogenous bodies being formed.

Left side: knee, femur, with a well-marked superficial deposit on upper part of inner condyle.

From hence it appears, that, at the fame diftances from the heart, the heat of eqnal quantities cf flood will be as their velocities; and, that in the'ame velocities of biond, the heat will be reciprocally as the diftance from the heart: Tincture of opium forty to fifty drops Mix. Difficulties mainly arise in the absence of signs of enlargement of the heart where systolic murmurs are heard towards the base of the heart, usually on the left side. Severe attacks of paralysis opening abscess of tonsil.

Tuberculosis treated with Ponzio's tuberculin without favorable results, and therefore does not recommend its use, arnemia in which the percentage of nitrogen in the blood was which V. It is well ascertained that nasal diphtheria is commonly of grave import, and in both these cases there was discharge of foetid and bloody fluids from the nares. We should also consider that these charts give us the history of the initial rise of the temperature.

Much praised in obstructions of the bowels. He always took nourishment well, but occasionally would force himself to vomit. The toxicity of normal urine has been a disputed question for a long period of time. It is not a vegetable, but usually a meat diet that leads to oxaluria. He returned to his oflfice at the end of three months and during the following summer devoted became more than usually disturbed at night and for the insomnia he finally consulted one of us, claiming that he had had no sleep whatever for three nights and days. If it is desired to obtain the greatest possible correction in a short time the child is to be kept in bed and the limbs bandaged to each side of a splint placed between them. More crystals will be obtained by adding carbonate of soda in excess, and again evaporating to crystallization.

Hans TJuchner ("Ueber die E.xperimentale Erzeugung des Milzbrandcontagiums, etc.") says that he has succeeded in transforming the common bacillus of hay infusion, the hay bacillus, into the anthra.v bacillus, and that he has done this by successive cultivation of bacillus antiiracis under constant variation of the niitritme material. These are often extracellular, are absent from some cases, and probably in the further course of their development change into round forms. This case also, he suggested, might have fared better had he been present to have given personal attention to the movement of the bowels, thus, possibly, removing the obstruction which was apparently present. The powder, o? a tincture made with proof fpirit, are alike ufeful. This diff"erentiates it from the condition of keratosis or simple hypertrophy of the horny layer of the palm or sole which forms a hard plate on the surface and thus, when situated on the foot interferes with waWcing, and on the hand, may make manual work difficult or impossible. The The attack seemed to be subsiding, and for this reason operation was delayed. - the fubflance of the clitoris is compofed of two fpongy bodies, fuch as thofe of the yard; they arife ohftinctly from the lower part of the os pubis, and approaching one another, they unite and form the body of the clitoris, whofe extremity, which is of an exqufite fenfe, is bodies, before they unite, are called Crura Clitaridis: they are twice as long as the body of the clitoris.

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