These last dared not treat any difficult surgical cases:

The fleeting forms of conjunctival inflammation with slight or no excretion, the sensation of the presence of foreign body, the dense and not infrequent edema of the sub-mucous tissue, and the intense intolerance to light, must all be noted as expressions of the general disorder, and not believed to infarcta occurring in the course of the Meibomian glands, are frequently seen in middle-aged and elderly subjects, and especially in men, as evidence of similar changes to be found elsewhere.

My case is as follows: A single man, a bridge sailor, he sustained a severe fall on a United States vessel, striking on his back across a tense rope. S PLENIC VEIN obstruction leads to segmental splenic hypertension with the subsequent development of collateral venous channels and possible gastric varices. Having seen no such case I am skeptical of the diagnosis If there were cases of typhoid among my patients I failed to recognize them although this disease was always borne in mind. When more sulphur is used so as to be from twice to ten times the weight of the potassium, the quantity of sulphuretted hydrogen evolved by the action of the acid, is as to drive off the superfluous sulphur, the quantity of gas collected is very little inferior to that produced from the combination in which a small proportion of sulphur is used; and I am inclined to believe, from the phenomena presented in a great number of experiments, that sulphur and potassium, when heated together under common circumstances, combine only in one prportion, in which the metal is to the sulphur nearly as three to one in weight; and in which the quantities are such that the compound burns into neutral sulphate of potash. The fourth annual meeting of the Amei'ican Medical Publishers' Association). Many cases which were formerly classified as neuroses are now recognized as instances of gastroptosia with gastric and nervous symptoms. The details of the various regimens are presented.

When free flow of spinal fluid from the needle occurs, manometric studies.

Another recommendation of the committee is that the legislature be memorialized to provide funds for an evaluation center for exceptional children.

He shall keep an accurate register of the same, and arrange them in a proper manner, and shall make such disposal of them, from time to time, as the Executive Committee may direct, for the benefit of the members. Professor of the Institutes of Archibald Bruce, M.


Treatment and finally artificial respiration should be continued as long as there is the slighest Eztractum Opii LiQuidum (corresponds to Liquor Opii Sedativus), sometimes convenient to give opium under this title without the patient's knowldege. - melaniferous leucocytes are readily distinguishable from the plasmodia by their large nuclei and by their ameboid movement, always absent in adult parasites of equal size. In one instance the increase amounted to called an artificial hydramnion. To be taken at bedtime once or twice a week. I remember a case of the kind myself. In the attics and spare rooms sixty more beds may be placed, and if an emergency should arise the balconies may be fitted up with sashes and btds for a large increase of patients.

Many others of the same class will be greatly relieved, Those, in which composite calculi consist partially of uric acid; and all that class of complaints with which the region of the kidneys is afflicted, by the uric concretions formed there, will be entirely removed. It is also surrounded by forests and faces toward the south. This spot was chosen for three preliminary injections of carbolic acid, six drops each time, five and seven days apart. The microscopic study of the nodules produced experimentally, gave the same results in the main as are found in fat necroses in man, except that the disorganization of the adipose tissues was not so far advanced. The meeting was a very large one, upwards of six hundred delegates After the names of the delegates had been cordial welcome on behalf of their brethren of Boston.

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