Moreover, in unskilled hands, it is easy to inflict more or less severe burns on the tissues which are allowed to remain in contact with the source of light.

For instance, it seems hard to attribute the oft accompanying prolapse of the hepatic flexure to the fault in the abdominal wall, or that of the splenic flexure; but more especially is it hard to attribute the accompanying prolapse of the right and some times of the left kidney, or the prolapse of the uterus.

"The condition of the capillaries thus affected are, perhaps, similar to those" It is not in our power to ascertain the exact condition of the capillaries in acute and chronic inflammation; all we know is, that they are at one time congested, and that, at another, the blood circulates in them with accelerated force.

Ayre proceeds to illustrate the pathology of marasmus by facts connected with the functions of the alimentary canal.

If my conception of what constitutes the infection of contagious abortion is accepted, the estimate becomes entirely too low. In cases of nerve disease it is necessary to use a probe to test the tactile sensibility and reflex irritability of the soft palate. Prim, when the House is empty, to open the windows and the flaps over the propeller, and, by reversing its action, completely to renew the air by downward suction. Even to healthy parents children are born under improper circumstances, thus poisoning their own lives and depriving parenthood of its richest At all ages irrational practices are indulged in without any knowledge of the harm that they will produce, and the seeds of disease sown that will torture the victims throughout their lives. CONFERENCE OF GRADUATE A serious shortage of dental TRAINING PROGRAM teachers and researchers in the DIRECTORS SPONSORED decade ahead has now been confirmed BY NIDR in studies by the American Dental to the Senate Appropriations Committee. It is therefore with much satisfaction that we find Mr. So in slight uterine prolapse flexion is frequent I will put my view in the form of an apparent parado.x. Apart from the last-named cause of complete or partial immobility of a vocal cord in the course of laryngeal tuberculosis, such impairment may be the result also of (a) functional weakness of the laryngeal muscles, particularly of the adductors, which is sometimes met with even in the earliest stage of laryngeal tuberculosis; and (b) of pressure upon one or both recurrent laryngeal nerves. Impartial investigators have not been impressed by the results obtained in this way. H.) each of which is singularly characterized by being complex, multiform, various, and changeable, and by imitating, from the appearance and predominance of particular symptoms in particular instances, other diseases very different in their nature. Pressure atrophy of the hepatic The kidneys showed both active and passive congestion, and. Their bodily sufferings are intensified. On another occasion I had a small pet spaniel puppy, about six months old, tied up in the verandah, which cried out violently, one day, as if something was killing it. It may be so if either of the parents is a drunkard, or insane, or a habitual criminal, or if either is scrofulous or syphilitic, or if either comes from a line in which consumption or cancer has appeared from generation to generation, or if disease or weakness of the mother's generative nature would render pregnancy dangerous to her and a probable cause of serious infirmities in the child, or if the mother has any hindering malformation of the pelvic bones or generative organs, or if former experiences have shown beyond doubt that it will be impossible to carry the child to term. Seclusion and Separation from Friends, Universal experience has d cioed on the propriety of early removal and non-intercourse of the insane with their intimate friends and relatives. The ulcer at the bottom is stUI troublesome.- On November l.?th, he writes:" My system seems which is heavier than I have been for three years and a halt patient i.s getting on well with the artificial anus, but that hi? it is now eight months since the operation.

The relative good health possessed by all in the sample population social f tinctioning.

Brown's conduct as a midwite was deserving of the strongest possible censure, and that she was a most unfit and improper person to discharge such duties Ihe Coroner, in conveying the censure to Mrs. The test group, selected from four junior and senior high schools, included a cross section of all income groups and represented the great racial mixture of the North American Negro: (Figures consisting mostly of polymorphonuclear with some mm ion ud oar leucocytes. Instead of the lining disintegrating evenly and coming away imperceptibly, as in normal menstruation, in this form of painful menstruation the thickened lining leaves the womb irregularly, and often passes out whole, causing great pain. Stress was laid upon this, because in these cases the process often communicated with the peritoneum, and in consequence operations for restoring the testicle to the scrotum had been fatal owing to peritonitis. This is often worse in the morning, and retching or even vomiting may result from the efforts to dislodge the secretion accumulated during sleep. As has been pointed out, the removal of bedding and manure immediately after the unloading of live stock saves the railroads vast tonnage on the empty haul, in that way paying for the cost of its removal, at least. Just as the successive removal of these two letters completely altered the meaning of the original word, so the removal of the letters symbolic of two elements from a chemical formula will completely alter the _nature of the substance represented by it. The inspector's personal deportment in the community often has a great deal to do with the outcome of cases brought before a jury.

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