A very common remedy is to eat common salt, which is perhaps the very best thing that can be done, in addition to ice, and be quiet, because, first, it is always at hand, is perfectly safe, and by its thirst-exciting and nauseating tendency diverts the blood from the lungs and diminishes its fluidity; cloths dipped in ice water and laid on the chest, and replaced by others every minute or two, is very efficient, especially.if the feet are kept half-leg deep in water as hot as can be borne; any, and all these things do good in another direction, they help to quiet the mind, to compose the patient, and soothe the pertubation which is usually excited by such an occurrence, While these things are doing, send for a physician and turn the whole ease over to him, and allow him to assume all its responsibilities. We long ago expressed our satisfaction at the establishment of the Associatioii dcs mcdccins de we are sure that it is doing good work. Meanwhile we must endeavor to eliminate, if possible, toxic products circnlaling in the body. The mucous membrane was dry, and in places felt like thin parchment. Politzer's acoumeter heard in right ear at five feet; left Eustachian tubes fairly patulous. There has been a tendency to exaggerate the differences that exist in plant and animal life, which the author of this work wishes to show are unessential.

Due to the inspiratory change of shape and size of the thorax pnxluctHl by the muscular mechanism described above and to the fact that the thorax two directions from two fixed points; vertically from the apex towanl the base of the chest, so that dunng inspiration tKe lower bonier of the lung descends from the level of the sixth or seventh to that of the tenth or eleventli rib, and anteriorly from the mediastinal attachment of the lungs towanl the front and the sides of the chest, so that the anterior margins of the lungs move forward and distinctly encroach on the canliac dulness. Excitation of the glossopharyngeal nerves brings about an arrest of respiration, the muscles remaining in the condition of contraction or relaxation in which they were when the stimulus was applied, and the stoppage lasting for about the time of the two or three preceding respirations. The base as a rule going to the negative pole and the radicle to the positive pole. It is here to be fuppofed, that all the venereal virus has been totally expelled from the body by the aftion of the mercury, and that nothing elfe remains to be done after the falivation, but to fill the patient's body, exhaufled by the falivation, with quickfilver has failed, in whatfoever manner applied. The second case, which was also an afebrile one, presented in addition to the hemorrhagic nephritis a fresh endocarditis (staphylococcus infection). After dwelling at some length on the medical side of this question and on typhoid fever as a complication, the subject was divided into three classes: first, those that undoubtedly should be operated upon; second, those about which doubt exists; and, third, those that get well of moderate attacks and have no more.

In the latter case the fee shall not be returned in the event of a failure, but the applicant may, within a year after such failure, present himself and be examined again without the payment of an additional fee.

He states that a galactosuria would seem to indicate that there is a greater or less shunting off of the normal parenchyma of the liver or at least that the blood with hepatic lesions produced by phosphorus, intolerance to galactose that the intolerance was in direct proportion to the degree of liver an increase in tolerance as more chronic lesions were produced.

And that fometimes it only takes up a fmall place in the urethra; fometimes grows to a confiderable length, frequently in three or four different places; and that fuch a conflriftion is fufficient to produce all thofe evils which are wont to be attributed to the increafing carnofity of the urethra. In the discussion the plan of operating in two stages seemed generally statistics of resection for gangrenous hernia he found the recoveries with the button vi'ere seven per cent., but with careful, direct suture four per cent. It is our intention, during and industrial communities, with particular reference to methods of THE ARCHIl-ES OF JNTERXAL MEDICINE Pellagra prevailed and originated in all the mill-village communities in Spartanburg County and in all these communities the methods of disposal of excreta were unscreened surface privies ( All review other original copies are filmed beginning on the first page with a printed or illustrated impression, and ending on the last page with a printed The last recorded frame on each microfiche Maps, plates, charts, etc..

During these efforts the sternum and costal cartilages are pushed forward, the ribs become less oblique, the outer and posterior parts of the lungs are subjected to increased pressure, and the spaces in which lie the apices and anterior margins of the organs are made more capacious, thus permitting becomes most conspicuous. Its external end, however, on a much lower level than its internal, and its crown at a point near the junctiiin of the middle and inner thirds. It is difficult to tell in individual may occur, but is less common. Most commonly, but by no means always, the relapse runs a shorter course than the primary attack. The number of those in the United States who suffer in the autumn seems to be much larger than in the spring. He had known patients to perish on climbing a hill, and a heated discussion to prove the beginning of the end. The bill is eminently conservative, and was evidently drawn with a careful view to avoidance of arousing antagonism by the introduction of.Another measure now before Congress whitli is of material concern to the medical officers of the Army and likewise of the National Guard is the Army pay bill, which provides for an increase in the rate of pay, both for enlisted men and for officers. Rupture into the bronchi is, however, more common. He asks us to tell him as to our cases," length of time wasted in bed, state of health after subsidence of acute attack, and of the state of the appendix by Let him also tell us of hernia pads worn for months of operations that did not relieve pain, and subsequent operations for adhesions; of operating for diseased appendix, and removing an inflamed ovary which was the cause of the trouble; of operating only to push a displaced kidney back into position; of those who succumbed to anesthetics; of those whose kidneys or other internal organs have been damaged by the ether or chloroform, and of other little things that we physicians consider before we send a perfectly healthy man who has had appendicitis once, and probably never will have it again, to him to'be operated on. Frederick Peterson, ex-president of the New York State Commission in Lunacy, said that a book might be filled with praise for what they had accomplished; they could also fill a book with what they had not accomplished. The condition had begun suddenly after a prolonged bicycle ride with consequent exhaustion. Nitrate of Sanguinarine and Sulphate of Sanguinarine have been introduced by manufacturing chemists, and are quite This poisonous Alkaloid may be prepared by the former later authority, and fully as concise, we repeat it (slightly Distilled Water, of each a sufficiency. In many instances, cases presenting the same signs as the fatal ones, terminated in recovery even after many months.

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