The introduction of new brands to the medical and pharmaceutical professions, in the advertising pages of the medical and pharmaceutical press, shows business sagacity and enterprise. Several illustrative case histories are given in detail. I have observed in some cases that more or less acute inflammatory phenomena, such as heat, redness, and increased pain, are set up in the lesions after a few days' administration of the drug. With fuchsin and resorcin for instance, the elastic fibers are stained a dark violet while all other fibers are colorless. SPASM OF THE CHEST MUSCLES, PARTICULARLY THE INTERCOSTALS, AS A PHYSICAL SIGN OF Muscle rigidity ha.s long been considered an important symptom in certain diseases, especially acute disease of the abdominal organs. In arousing the patient from the state of Coma, or in relieving the convulsions and wild Such cases may occur at any period of the year, in those who have been subjected to the action of malaria, but as far as my experience extends, they occur most firequentlj Cold appears to have much to do with the production and termination of suoh ouei,. Difficulty, however, may be encountered with the first suspected Lesions of the mouth may be confused with various forms of stomatitis in cattle. In the mare the lips of the vulva and the vagina are affected with the formation of vesicles and pustules arising on a congested mucous membrane, causing frequent urination with erection of the clitoris and a muco-purulent discharge which frequently cakes around the margin of the vulva. When the ring was found again, convales cence followed. The stroke of the knife in making it should be inward and at the same time toward the rectal wall.

Flexible and resisting lamina of wood used in treating fractures to keep the fragments in apposition and to prevent displacement. PUBLISHED FOR THE FOLK-LORE SOCIETY BY XIII.

THE BETE NOIRE OF THERAPEUTICS. In the course of two hours, about one-half fluidounce of bloody urine was discharged. If the mortality is as low as we claim, the operation will be more generally resorted to and we may expect in the future a new chapter added to obstetrics. Rees states further that, with the uncertainty of diagnosis even after examinations of a section from the cervix and scrapings from the uterus, which show no evidence of malignancy, in women between the ages of forty and fifty who have borne children, and suffer with frequently recurring hemorrhages, hysterectomy is justified.


The prognosis of every well defined case of this disease must be doubtful and unfavorable. In view of the above observations Williamson recommends that all hemoglobinometres be that dilatation of the esophagus has been known to the anatomist and the pathologist for a long time, although it has been considered a rare condition when not due to some form of anatomical lesion producing constriction of the tube. Catarrhal Fever; Pneumo-enteritis of Sheep; Several outbreaks of disease among sheep have been described in various countries, differing slightly in their characteristics but all having an organism of the hsemorrhagic septicaemia group as their essential causal agent, The relationship of a bipolar staining organism to the disease in sheep was first established by possibly in conjunction with swine-fever. In beginning treatment with tuberculin he first endeavors to make the organism tolerant against the drug (joeriod of small doses); during the longer period of treatment with larger doses in appropriate intervals the formation of antibodies should be assisted and made permanent. Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry. Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology in review Psychiatry (Courtesy). - the following description of the plan and the details of its operation by Mr. In countries in which this disease is enzootic the more acute symptoms are usually seen in dogs, such as sporting dogs, imported from non-infected countries. Zappa'nla nodino'ra (after Zappa, Italian botanist).

Attending Physician, New York Hospital. In the pig, in which these lobules were first noticed, and in the Polar bear according to MUller, and in the Ootodon Cummingii, according to Hyrtl, the lobules are invested by fibrous tissue, but in the liver of the human subject, and in that of the vetebrate animals generally, the lobules are not separated from each other have failed to detect any fibrous tissue in the interlobular fissures of the normal human In cirrhosis of the liver, on the other hand, there is a remarkable development of fibrons tissue in the parenchyma of the liver; and the individual, secreting segments become prominent or even form isolated lobules. The pen Iron and Bitartrate of Potassa removed the malarial disease, restored tl aal cavity. Savaby Peabce said he had noticed good results from this treatment in cases of neuritis, and it might be of considerable value in patients suffering from uric acid poisoning. The positive and negative electricities of the molecales of each section, which radiate from the centre to the circumference, neutralize each other, except the positive, of those which are at the circumference, and the negative of those which are at the centre.

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