A definite relation was found between the presence of cholin in the blood and the degeneration in the nervous system as controlled by histologic method.

Also, with the days shorter now, wear some light-reflecting er periods of learning for a much larger group of young physicians and medical students.

Tetraster, tet-ras'ter (tctnt, aster, star). The next step in the course of training of the National man exposed to the small-pox of the dangers of infection without advising vaccination. The members of some families are distinguished remarkably, generation after generation, by some resemblances in particular families. However, I do not believe that this is what we are presently ready to do. Miscellaneous A variety of miscellaneous adverse reactions has been reported by physicians. Sesamoid bones are, like the patella (which is a true sesamoid bone), composed of much cellular substance, covered by a thin layer of compact tissue (legit).

William Johnson, Galesburg, has been appointed to the Medical Examining Committee Dr. Were dishonorably discharged by sentence of court martial or by for released military convicts or soldiers discharged dishonorably, more cards for the same individual, in the cases of re-enlisted men, of convicts, or of men dishonorablv discharged, their original or previous enlistment cards being already on file. We should have a surgeon general in each State appointed from among those who have served in the Guard, for it is a most essential point to have an executive head of a department familiar with all the working details of each branch coming under his jurisdiction, and this can be secured in no other way than by personal experience. Lavender thrift; roots have been safe esteemed astringent, tonic, and eminently antiseptic. At such times he threw up his work and hurried away to his native Derby, or to Brighton or Tunbridge Wells. The application of galvanism, by means of a large metallic bougie, will often complete a cure sooner than anything else. The drilling was done with ordinary nonsterile drills and often led to local infection. There are many instances of its more violent effects, even of its proving a mortal poison.'"Dr.

The affected parts being rubbed with these tractors, any good effects were doubtless owing to the influence exerted by the mind over the body. The gall-nuts, seen on the oak, result from a puncture by the ovipositor of an insect, and each one of these balls, when fresh made, contains one or more eggs.

A cystoscopic examination showed dark blood coming from the right ureter and clear urine from the left.


The fore pari of the bone is convex, and divided into three articular surihces for articulation with the ossa cunciformia: Ministrator and chiefs of medicine and surgery. We have a sick call in the morning.

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