But cutaneous eruptions of all kinds are a centra-indication, and, as a rule, great attention should he given to having the skin perfectly clear, and free from them, before application inserting vaccine lymph. Hache observes' the resistance to the separation of tlie false membrane from the trachea form the sanguineous points found imbedded in its under-surface when removed. Robert Bremner, a recent graduate of the College of Medicine at SUI who is interning at Broadlawns Polk County Hospital, Des Moines, has announced his intention of practicing in Steamboat Rock, beginning in July. Add one part stool to nine parts formalin solution, and mix thoroughly. The violent or fatal effects of a cold bath at a moment of exhaustion by muscular labour have been well known, at least since the time of Alexander the Great, who nearly perished from this imprudence.

Excess of oxidation products, either normal or abnormal, either alone or with the presence of albumin in the urine, should always be regarded as a danger signal and be removed, if possible, before it is too late.

The physician who is intolerant of, or personally disturbed by, emotional interplay inadvertently imposes a great burden on his patients. In either case, the epiphysis is fixed with a Smith-Peterson nail or threaded wires. Another, recently revived, is that the malady is developed in dogs kept under restraint, and from indulging at proper seasons in sexual intercourse. Lateral mobilization of the duodenum aids in the adequate inspection and palpation of cent of adenomas are found in the head of the gland, the remainder being in the body or tail. - starchy matters are apt to generate gas, but sometimes a little sago or gruel may be given with advantage, as they lubricate the coats of the stomach.

EfFusion of serous fluid is commonly met with in the large cavities, particularly those of the pleura, pericardium, and peritoneum, and occasionally also in the ventricles of the brain. Plan - the first suture is now tied, and any amount of pressure can be used, for the line of pressure is not against the suture, but is upon the catgut supports. If owing to the presence of an business ulcer the motility of the stomach was interrupted, with a segmental resection and a reunion of the segments the motility that might have been interrupted by the presence of an ulcer is restored. William, Sioux Center Mehler, Mrs.

He wished to bo cautious in his conclusions, and would not lay too much stress ui)on the teachings of twenty-four cases; further The Committee on Nominations.- A i iho nftcrnoon session the commillee huh announced by the I'residiiil, as follows: Anatomical Geometry and Toponymy was the liile of a preciHu methods of moasuring dofornillios and recording hucIi measurements, and with instruments of precision for carrying out those methods. Urdu - by experiments on animals, according to Neisser, it has been shown that the syphilitic virus circulates free in the blood in the very beginning. It is felt that the proper attention to the first two items will definitely affect the total economic picture and, further, that in this country, in its present economy, we are economically able to do right by our aged citizen. Have we any security that any group of cells may not fail to undergo transformation into tissue of a higher grade, and remain in a latent, immature state till they become the essential starting-point in the formation of "in" a tumor, which is thus formed, instead of the normal structure.

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