The authors argue that a process, similar to that which is slowly rendering the nations of the world more and more immune to specific diseases, has been going on with regard to alcoholic excess. They say the treatment must be continued at least eight or ten days after the disappearance of the fever. The term"preventive checks" is taken to mean those checks only which proceed from the will. These are the men who propose and pass our laws that will decide the course this country is to follow for generations to come. But there is still some difference of opinion respecting the first or prolonged murmur which Dr. We know of octogenarians, whose life has been one continuous round of trouble. Back of that is the influence back to a material basis. With an equal part of chloretoue the dried serum is sold under the name ol Antitetanic Dusting Powder. Mott believes that the nodular distribution of the disease is due to a thickening or obliteration of the arteria arterUirum, leading to interference with the nutrition and consequent underlying intima. Acute iliofemoral thrombophlebitis affects the leg and thigh, but it comes on abruptly, usually after operations, parturition, or trauma; lymphedema begins insidi The Heart Page is a periodic feature of The Journal containing brief, practical comments on subjects of immediate importance to practicing physicians. Subcutaneous organism was recovered from the heart's blood. The symptoms of this disease resemble in a measure the phenomena caused by agents antagonistic to opium, as belladonna. Certainly, the results are not bad and I would encourage any man to go in when the necessity arises. This does not necessarily mean that the patient should lie flat on his back in bed; in fact, this mean early ambulation but merely that some of these elderly patients or even younger patients in cardiac failure should be lifted out of bed into a comfortable chair and then lifted back into bed without actually becoming ambulatory.

She had a third pregnancy, when what the writer took to be labor pains began, and she was transferred to the hospital, all signs of labor ceasing by the time she reached there: To avoid pain of injection one may blow in a little powdered cocaine first. Hypodermic injections of ergotin and adrenalin were administered, the patient was kept as quiet as possible, with the foot of the bed elevated, cold applications were made to the abdomen, etc ( Hooper It is remarkable that in my first case, in which depletion was deficiently practiced, and consequently where, according to received opinions, the vascular fulness either of the whole system or of the encephalon was left undiminished and uncontrolled, more than forty convulsions should have occurred before death: cerebral effusion could scarcely have taken place here till at a very late period, if at all: That in the second case there were but two convulsions, and death approached under the aspect of exhaustion and collapse: That the third patient evinced a long standing, if not permanent injury, after three fits, the second of which seemed clearly due to syncope. In spite of this want of ceremony there is remarkably little unfaithfulness in Burmah.

These changes in color and consistence are rhythmic more or less and are probably early manifestations of intermittent contractions of the pregnant uterus, due probably to a necessity for some change or modification in the uterine circulation incident to the nourishment and growth of the ovum. The tongue was always white or pale, and the bowels out of order, generally costive, and the stools of a paler colour than natural.

When owing to stomach trouble bismuth and fl. During recent years he was superintendent of the Improvement of mental alertness and awareness in the management of the senility syndrome requires a comforting environment, a stimulating dietary regimen and concomitant drug therapy. Digitalis, which although it also has a passing beneficial disease; which is true, also, for all cardiac tonics. Not much more can be determined, than that in proportion to the duration and severity of the attack, the degree of constitutional disturbance, emaciation, and debility, is the prospect of a cure or otherwise.

Unfortunately, with respiratory tract infections, this is meaningless unless you know how many were common colds and how many were pneumonias.

In very severe cases, the mucous membrane will ulcerate and pieces slough off, accompanied with considerable discharge of clear blood.

"The evidences presented on dissection in this case, afforded to my mind the gratifying assurance, that the poor suflerer did not sustain any material injury from the unsuccessful efforts to punctuje the bladder from the rectum.

The happy as well as beneficial experience of working with and being taught by Dr.

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