After this it would quickly fall to sleep and the same phenomena would recur, and in this manner the entire night would be passed.

Pleuritic stitch in the right side; worse on deep inspiration, and from coughing. Expectorants are agents which aid expectoration. He could not see why chloral should Dr: A while since, an honest, rousing dose of physic was required to make an impression upon the disease was a fair stand-up fight, soon ended with hard blows, and no favors asked. THE DIETETICS OF PULMONARY PHTHISIS.

On this assumption three young horses were treated by successive inoculations with the products of syphilis, and the serum obtained from their blood was injected experimentally into six syphilitics who had had no previous treatment. Among the ardent supporters of the operation are those who would ligate the lower end of the vena cava and both spermatic veins, claiming that the collateral circulation can be depended upon to re-establish the return circulation. Worse from touch on the course of the nerve. Elimination of the poison or poisons which we presume cause the convulsions. The latter pattern is certainly better adapted for use in those cases of anterior metatarsalgia due to a lowering of the transverse arch, and frequently entirely relieved by raising the plate anteriorly, immediately behind the heads of the metatarsals to which the pain is referred.

But this fact is true about the peculiar working of the oatmeal diet. Up to he present time anti-luetic treatment has been more sflfective in syphilitic meningitis than in the end stages of tabes or dementia paralytica, probably be?ause in the former condition the most intensive circulation can reach the affected parts, while in the latter, lesions are found in vascular poor parts which ire relatively impenetrable to medication as used at Flexner has shown in purulent meningitis that the best results are obtained by injection of therapeutic njected. All cases inoculated with the second vaccine showed reactions, although the tests were made within a week of its preparation. - deducting the deaths among negroes and foreigners, the true mortality among the Americans in Philadelphia is much lower than is commonly believed.

A few small bleeding points w r ere closed by torsion. At first, this consisted merely of an old-age pension system, extensive, voluntary health insurance and state were received as patients in state hospitals and The institutions at which this state care is the out-door treatment of tuberculosis, with associated free clinics for examination and early diagnosis; second, special hospitals for the treatment of the various acute diseases; and third, convalescent homes and institutions for The present experiences of Great Britain in the attempt to establish a system of national medical insurance give additional and timely interest to these illustrations of the working of an apparently successful method of health insurance in Germany.

Record of three deaths from this cause, the authority being Dr. We have among the Tissue Remedies several that fill places more promptly and thoroughly than others we obtainable at the present time, and I leave it now in the hands of my fellow practitioners, believing it contains much of Bronchia and Trachea. Usually a portion of the flour is first made into dough with yeast, salt, and water, and set aside in a warm place for a couple of hours, this constituting the sponge which is subsequently thoroughly kneaded with the remainder of the flour and water, and the fermentation allowed to proceed in the entire mass.

I am aware that in all these instances the hemorrhage may have been due to various circumstances, and that there was nothing to show absolutely that chloroform was the cause. I have seen the removal of a kidney in which there was a quart or more of this pus which flowed into the peritoneal cavity, but not the slightest trouble from it. If these dutie: are not well performed, no one is more desirou of knowing it than the superintendent. I first gave him half a tumbler of brandy, followed at short intervals by drachm doses of spiritus ammon. A patient does not care whether the food goes one way or the other. Unna, of Hamburg, but he combined it with other ointments.

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