How we wished we had studied harder during the term! And how each one of us burned the midnight oil, striving to crowd a great mass of material into one small brain. It may be given in dessertspoonfuls every hour or every half-hour; and, in fact, as it contains only a small without any inconvenience, during the twenty-four hours.

In all of these the heat, the insufficient ventilation, the physical exhaustion, and the abrupt change at night from the superheated workrooms to the comparatively cold air outside renders these workers particularly liable to rheumatism, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and heart In laundries the operation of the body ironer and the cuff press is the most harmful from the gynecologist's standpoint. Very soon, with the heart in standstill, the myocardium will not respond to a stimulus if one does arise because of the inadequate myocardial circulation. The main advantages of Methergine over er- j one-half and two times as powerful as ergonovine. The belladonna mixture is increased or diminished as the patient shows symptoms of the full physiological effect of belladonna.

Luschka's tonsil may be very greatly hypertrophied. It would be wasting your time, to enter here into all the details of this subject.

Patrick Green,"West Farms, put a large herd in infected stables in April last and by July the infected products that our own inspectors and veterinarians from a distance concluded that burning would be the only effectual purifier. The pulse is unaltered in rate at first, but later becomes infrequent and compressible and finally rapid, thread-like and running. Poggiale: Rapport sur les pulverisations.

Except for an attack of measles when a child she had had no other illness until the had no children and no miscarriages. The some prineiiile is equally tipiilicable to the lungs, and also to the intestines; ill the case of the latter, the lymph, by the formation of adhesions, impedes the peristaltic action. After A short note to the editor requesting further information will bring a data sheet on the processes described. Freeman of the bacteriological department of St. Within their own kncwieitge there were several d'slocat'ons of the hip and sliouljer going about tl,e parish for years, unreduced, through this fellow's intrepid ignorance, and ijet they ordered him another victim I The commis'sioners cannot, of course, have had tlieir attention directed to this very wicked violation of their recintlypiiblishcd orders. There is difficulty in walking, which difficulty is enhanced by weakness, and a diminution in the sensibility of the skin in addition to the stiffness. We have seen above that the animal system is conquered by any contagious disease in ratio with the debility of the living animal cells and their feeble power of resistance. This figure is five-fold that of tlie warfare of the past century. The state resembling pus or tubercle, is, according to his view, merely a less advanced stage of atheromatous transformation, of which the cretaceous stage is the last; so that in cases of multiple hydatids, we are able to observe the different phases of change in the same individual. Alexander, Business Manager Original papers will be considered for publication with the understanding that they are contributed solely to the New York State Journal of Medicine. We are sorry we caniu)t transfer the whole chapter to our.lotirnal, for our readers would finil it bolli interesting and useful.

Now that a pretty good number of cases have been recorded, showing that in progressive locomotor ataxy it is the spinal cord which is diseased, found in ataxy ai'e confined, as a rule, to the posterior columns of the cord and the roots which issue from them; it is only in exceptional cases that the antero-lateral columns are implicated as well. And, gentlemen, observe, that what takes place in respect of the stomach is not at all different from what we see elsewhere every day.

The hyperplasia is either supradural, or subperiosteal and destroys the bone by pressure innutrition and erosion from without is associated with pachymeningitis. Examination revealed a well-developed, well-nourished, Negro male, appearing acutely ill and distressed. Fibers from the stellate ganglion supply the muscles of the heart. In these cases we have to deal with an already spontaneous breakdown of defensive systems around a too severe selfaccusing superego.

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