The Governmeut would not be able to bring in a Bill to consolidate the Foor Laws during the present session, Mr. Influenza appeai-ed in Paris at the end of December and continues to Increase. Indeed, some students of the disease regard this insufficiency of sunlight as the fundamental factor in the origin of the disease, basing themselves largely on the fact that the gTeatest incidence of the disease is in the late winter and early spring, that is, at the end of a season of reduced sunlight. The titles of these people are doubtless much more impressive to those who do not know the bearers of them than to those who do, but they are presumably respectable, and more or less well-educated members of society, and it tells much that they can defend a miserable superstition without encountering any large amount of local criticism. This patient did not return for frequent observation, as requested.

Hitherto overcrowding has been disallowed, but what constitutes overcrowding has not been defined.

It is seldom that any ones dies in the stadium prodromorum, and in the two following stages but few, and these mostly infants and puerperal women. London Post-Ghadcatb Course, Hospital for Diseases of the Skin, A discussion on Dry Methods of Sanitation to be opened National Hospital foe the Paralysed and Epileptic, Queen Square, Cases and specimens will be exhibitediby the President Anatomical Society of Gheat Britain and Ireland, St. She is short and slight, with the typical"adenoid face," that is, the face of a mouth-breather and slightly open mouth. An hour to destroy complement.

If the contents of a smallpox pustule he passed through "" a Chambcrland filter, the filtrate will be just as virulent as before. They are in many instances complete in clinical and necroscopic details.

In the later stages a blister may be applied to the nape of the neck, or a couple behind the ears, but the advantage of blistering brandy, ammonia, and ether, with abundant liquid nourishment, and if the patient is unconscious, they may be injected between the teeth by means of a syringe, or administered by eneraata. In a complement fixation experiment it is obviously necessary to allow only a short time (about one hour) for the reaction. They study reports of the average rainfall, the relative humidity, the number of sunshiny days, and the daily variations of the thermometer, and attempt to deduce from these a definite opinion as to whether the climate will benefit a particular case.

Examination showed the patient to be an emaciated man, with excessively tortuous temporal arteries, and hard, beaded radials, with arcus senilis and contracted pupils. The lifelong work you invested in your aims and ideals has ever been a labor of love and no hardship. I have, however, thought it useful to recapitulate them, with some details, for, in spite of its great precision, the work of Valentin has less reputation and authority than that of Miiller, who nevertheless rewritten or have been finished sooner.

In the anterior horns of the gray matter of the cord he found fewer nerve cells than normal, and some atrophied cells, dilatation of the vessels, and increase of the neuroglia. Fi.xnell wished to state that persulphate of iron was freely applied to the internal surface of the abdominal waUs to check oozing. Cane-sugar syrup might pass as honey; vinegar might contain a certain proportion of free sulphuric acid, etc. In our present remarks, concerning the practical workings of tiiis board, during the past year, we shall be enabled only to glance at some of the principal topics treated of in the volume before us. They show that a rupture of j vessels supplying the foetal cyst took place, and that the ) blood found its way fro:n that point along the course of I the Fallopian tube and the broad ligament beneath the i peritoneum, finally accumulating in that portion aftbrd- j ing least resistance, viz., the areolar tissues connecting the folds of the broad Ugament near the outer portion i of the Fallopian tube, the position occupied by the larger tumor.

All the deep reflexes were exaggerated, and the superficial reflexes were unequal on the two sides, but there was no disturbance of sensation.

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