Jaundice may be produced by various causes, as gall stones, viscid bile, tumors pressing on the bile duct, spasm of the gall duct, diseased liver, disease of the heart, and mental emotions. We are confident that that employed by each of the gentlemen quoted was insufficient for the purpose. It is said that the phrenic nerve, which controls that muscle, emerging from the spinal canal above the fourth cervical vertebra, while it remains uninjured, will cause the diaphragm to contract; and when it relaxes, the weight and elasticity of the abdominal parietes will cause it to recede into the thorax, and expiration will take place. In two instances) was it noteil as being felt in the right shoulder or in the right side of the neck: The diet should be light, consisting principally of arrowroot, gruel, panada, milk, Potassium may be advantageously given. Owen's strong opinion, that it was necessary to use freely the gouge, scoop, and germicides; but he insisted that the bone should always be drilled. The essential features, so far as treatment is concerned, are the hyperplasia and the oadema; the former must be gotten rid of either by destruction or by shrivelling, the latter by reduction of the inflammation and by applications which hstve an affinity for water (group). In nearly every case of cholera the patients had been previously drugged with opiates and astringents.

; and, if the heart's action seems weak, Dreatment of Hemorrhagic Infarction of the Lungs.

From the fact that charcoal is used by blacksmiths in polishing steel, to take out the marks made by the file, there can be no doubt of its mischievous influence upon the enamel of the teeth when used as a dentrifice. The alleviation of the sjTnptoms lasted one day as a rule. Michael's Hospital represent progress along these lines initiated and stimulated by encouragement from the attending staff ( At first the patient had no symptoms; but feeling nervous after her experience, she consulted the family physician on February examination of the nose and throat was negative and he assured the patient that he found no evidence of trouble. The society is frequently called upon by the hospitals to prosecute the midwife who occasioned the trouble. EXTENSION, PEnsrciPLB or, as Emplotbd in StjhGBRT. Various "" medicines are used as anthelmintic enemata. Government, or four weeks in the Province of "" Quebec, or five or six weeks in various institutions. The duration of the operation was forty-five minutes, and the patient, though very weak, made a slow but satisfactory recoverv. Especial attention must be paid to the functions of the skin by frequent bathings and frictions; moderate exercise should be taken daily, and the diet should be nutritious, partaking sparingly of animal food, and avoiding all indigestible articles, or articles which will acidify upon the stomach, no wine, beer, or other alcoholic drinks must be used. Strict diet is again enforced, under the influence of which, as well as of occasional ejections, and a loss of blood occurred and gave "" the signal for a falling off in weight. On a careful exploration of the back, it was found that the pain was especially felt at the left sacro-iliac synchondrosis. The subject of physical diagnosis and its methods is first expounded systematically, and with as great simplicity as the topic admit.s. We have had considerable success, and the details of a few cases will be given here for illustration. Examination of the dead body of a stranger, he shall cause the body to be decently buried; and if he certifies that he has made careful inquiry, and that to the best of his knowledge and belief the person found dead is a stranger, having no settlement in any city or town of this Commonwealth, his fees, with the actual expense of burial, shall be paid from the treasury of the Commonwealth. Although they are seen more frequently in an advanced age, they make their appearance also in young persons. In females there is a tendency to disease of the reproductive from the forty-sixth to the fiftieth year; and in both sexes, as age advances after the fiftieth year, there is decrease of strength, disturbance of certain functions, a tendency to degeneration of tissues, and loss of power in different organs.

Cameron By the Senate of the University of Toronto BE IT RESOLVED that in the lamentable death of Professor John Joseph Mackenzie, Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology, this Senate, in common with the whole University, has sustained a grievous loss.

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